What do you mean by town planning?
 Perancangan bandar ialah satu seni dan

sains bagi penyusunan guna tanah dan ciriciri serta perletakan bangunan-bangunan dan rangkaian perhubungan untuk mendapat setinggi yang boleh faedah ekonomi, keselesaan dan kecantikan. (Lewis Keeble, Principles and Practice of Town and Country Planning, 4th edition, 1969)

 Planning is about preparing a site which is

appropriate to the public in term of time and location . (John Ratcliffe (1974)
 Planning is the way to achieve goal. ( Peter

Hall (1974)

Definition of Site Planning
 Site planning is the act of arranging

the external physical environment to support human behaviour. It lies along the boundaries of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and city planning. (Lynch, Kevin)

Who are responsibilities in planning?
 In order to achieve various aims and aspect of

site planning, the involvement of various field of expertise is important. (Beer, A.N. 1990) such as: a) Town planner b) Architect c) Landscape architect d) Property management e) Health officer f) Engineers.

 Actually, the site is a crucial aspect of

our environment; It has a biological, a social and a psychological impact that goes far beyond its accepted influence on cost and technical function. (Lynch, Kevin)

Approaches in Planning
 Inovative

 Procedure
 Vary (Kemajmukan)  Comprehensive  Revolution  Pragmatisme

Issues in Site Planning
 Site is not about how its planned but how

systematic the planning are at the site.  Planning are influenced by several driven force: a) Benefits from the economy angle from big scale development or mix development b) Rapid evolution technology c) Conflict from the aspect of aims d) The needs of public spaces site e) Comprehensive design

 The recent site planning focus more on the

demand rather than the needs that lies into monotonously conventional.
 Normally the layout was prepared in a short

period. Therefore , the human factor as well as the environment factor were always neglected.

 Thus, site planning required the knowledge of

art and science in site analyzing which consists the action of evaluation, selection and planning in order to fulfill the public needs and the environment as well.

Why SITE Planning important?
 Let’ s go back to history.

- Industrial revolution during 19th century slump areas, cramp and crowded, quality of life is low, high rates of death due to diseases Town planning more focus on the physical aspect rather than social or economy factors.

 A) Site is not only rely on the cost or the

technical function but more onto social and environment aspect. Ex: Kawasan Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas merupakan antara kawasan hijau yang telah digazetkan di dalam kawasan sentral Kuala Lumpur.Jika dinilai dari aspek hartanah, harga kawasan itu mampu mencecah jutaan ringgit.Walau bagaimanapun, jika dinilai dari aspek biologi dan kepentingannya, nilainya

 B) To notify the location or resources and the

accessibilities Ex.: Perancangan kawasan perindustrian berat seperti kuari simen haruslah mengenalpasti kawasan yang mempunyai sumber mineral simen. Di samping itu, ia juga harus mempunyai aksesibiliti yang baik dengan sistem jalan raya ataupun jalan keretapi yang baik.

 C) To achieve the most relevant development

 Ex:

Sebidang tanah yang terletak di tengah-tengah bandaraya Pulau Pinang adalah terhad dari segi keluasan .Maka konflik dariapada aspek jenis pembangunan yang dicadangkan sering berlaku.Oleh itu, hanya pembangunan yang paling relevan akan dibangunkan seperti rumah pangsa kos sederhana ataupun kondominium yang menjamin pulangan yang menguntungkan.

 To fulfill the requirement of public needs.

Ex: Perancangan tapak yang baik adalah berlandaskan piawaian perancangan sebagai panduan penyediaan pelan pembangunan yang holistik. Ini bagi memastikan aspek keselamatn, kesihatan dan keselesaan penduduk dapat dicapai.

 To achieve sustainable development

- The balance of three main aspect which are mainly about environment, social and economy aspects. - To make sure that each part is considered in site planning . (Refer Agenda 21, Rio Declaration)

List down FIVE (5) guidelines that become our references in preparing development proposals in Malaysia?

(2 marks for each

correct answer) 5 minutes only)


The Relationship Between Site Planning and Doctrine of Universal Development Planning

Doktrin Perancangan Pembangunan Sejagat ( Garis Panduan Pembagunan Sejagat JPBD,2001 )
The Creator (GOD)

Environmen t


Relationship Between Human and God
PRINCIPLES JUSTICE ELEMENT S FAIR EXPLAINATION Demand of housing fulfill their needs and income ability



ACCESSIB Housing areas are LE accessible to business centre and working places Strategic location for religous worship places SISTEMATI Put into consider various C aspect such as local people profile, topography, environment factor and





RELATIONSHI Housing layout is P/ACCESSIBI accessible to public LITY places from various background of residences. CIVILISATION Public amenities should and be designed to educate MADANIYAH and develop their minds NATION towards civilization nation as well as madaniyah nation ( handphone, ICT)

Relationship between Human and Human
PRINCIPLES HUMAN RIGHTS ELEMENTS SAFETY EXPLAINATION Planning must considered community’s safety



Housing layout and design must consider the elements of house owner’s comfortable such as lighting and ventilation
Housing design considered private spaces. Housing layout and design must consider the disabled people, children and elders. The equipment in housing scheme should be adequate, good quality and technology






EXPLAINATION Put into consider public participation in planning Public spaces for interaction


Relationship between human and environment
PRICIPLES CLEANLINES S AND BEAUTY PRESERVATI ON EFFICIENCY ELEMENTS ENVIRONME NT SENSITIVE AREA VARY EXPLAINATION Design greeneries and landscape area. Sensitive area must be maintained, preserved and integrated in planning Design various kind of housing scheme for public to choose base on their financial abilities

What are the agencies that contribute in site planning?

 Local Authorities
 Pejabat Tanah dan Daerah  Dept of Public Works  Dept of Environment  Dept of Health  JUPEM  Telekom Malaysia Berhad  Tenaga National Berhad


 Jab Bomba dan Penyelamat

 Jab Pengairan dan Saliran
 Jabatan Bekalan Air