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Protection System • Electrical Protection systems >>Over Speed >>High Exhaust Temperature >>Low Lube Oil Pressure >>Low Trip Oil Pressure >>High Lube Oil Temperature >>Loss of Flame >>High Vibration .

. >>Combustion Monitoring >>Customer Trip >>Fire Detection in Compartment Enclosures >>Generator Class ‘A’ Trip .Protection Systems Contd..

Over Temperature Alarm & Trip TTXM TTKOT3 TTRX TTKOT2 A A>B B To Alarm Message & Speed Set Point Lower A A>B B OR TTKOT1 L86MR1 A A>B B LATCH SET RESET To Master Protection Alarm & Trip .

Over Temperature Protection TRIP TTXM Temp. Control Reference) Compressor Pressure Discharge . Feedback TTKOT2 TTKOT3 TRIP ALARM TTRX(Temp.

Vibration protection • Standard Vibration Measurements used for Tripping GT are Velocity Type on Bearing Housing • Alarm setting = 0.0 inches / sec • Total System is Tested for Integrity during Turbine Shut Down by Mark IV / V Panel .5 inches / sec Trip setting = 1.

Vibration Protection If All Gas Turbine Sensors are Disabled or Faulty OR If All Generator Sensors are are Disabled or Faulty T GROUP DISABLED ALARM & TRIP If 3 or more GT Sensors are Disabled or Faulty OR If 2 or more Generator sensors Disabled or faulty T START INHIBIT .

Vibration Trip Adjacent Sensor OPTVTD Any Trip and if any Adj. Pair Disabled or Alarmed Any Trip and any Alarm from other Sensor Any Trip and if 2 or more Sensors are Disabled OR T SET AND LATCH RESET L39VGTT Gas Turbine Trip RESET Any Trip and Any Alarm from another Sensor OR Any Trip if 2 Sensor Inputs or Disabled T SET AND LATCH RESET L39VGT Generator Trip .

L39VGTT OR L39VT L39VGT HIGH VIBRATION TRIP BB 1 BB 2 LK39DIFF + _ A A >B B OR T Vibration Differential Alarm OTHER SIMILAR GROUPS ..Vibration Trip Contd.

Combustion Monitoring • Exhaust Temperature Spreads are the Result of Uneven Combustion in all the Combustion Chambers • Combustion Monitoring is Built in Mark IV/V • Combustion Monitoring is Enabled after Machine Reaches FSNL .

145 TTXC .3 rd Lowest TC • Allowable Spread ( TTXSPL ) = 0.Exhaust Spread Calculations • Actual Spread ))TTXSP1 : Highest .Lowest TC ))TTXSP2 : Highest .08 CTDA + 30 deg F • During Dynamic Conditions the Allowable Spread is Increased .0.2 nd Lowest TC ))TTXSP3 : Highest .

8 TTXSPL and The 2nd and 3rd Lowest TCs are Adjacent •3. TTXSP1 > 5 TTXSPL and TTXSP2 > 0.8 TTXSPL and The two Lowest TCs are adjacent •2. TTXSP1 > TTXSPL and TTXSP2 > 0. All Spreads are > TTXSPL Trip : Any of the above Conditions exists for more than 9 Sec .Trip Conditions •1.