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IDEA Cellular Network

No idea, Get !dea.

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IDEA Cellular is a publicly listed company Idea is the 3rd largest mobile services operator in India, in revenue terms recorded a subscriber base of over 78 million as on end November '10 IDEA Cellular is an Aditya Birla Group Company Advertising agency : Lowe Lintas India

The Campaign
In the latest campaign of cell phone service provider Idea, Abhishek Bhachan who has been their long standing brand ambassador has been urging people to get Idea cellular for better services and connectivity in various situations without changing their number. The campaign with the phrase no Idea, get Idea has been a mainly television led one.

Strengths of the campaign

The main strength of this campaign is that each advertisement indicates the very common problems faced in every other cellular network available in India which are,

Unnecessary balance deduction

Excessive mobile bills Network problem Wait on customer care number

First, number portability isn't a term that is universally understood. Second, a rational decision like switching networks might involve rational reasons, like ease of switching. Alternatively, there needs to be a tangible demonstration of the network's superiority, which this campaign doesn't address. Mere enunciation of the category benefits through a pun-based approach, albeit with a celebrity, may not be compelling enough by itself.

The biggest opportunity here is to expand the
network to a very large extent because of the option of mobile network portability.

Since MNP is a new service for the telecom

sector in India as a whole, idea will get its fair share in attracting customers n prove its metal.

In telecom, there's a constant deterioration of service standards. A rapidly growing customer base means clogged networks. Hence idea has to be able to win over the likes of other competitive service providers. There's an increasing dissonance between the advertising promise and product delivery. Brand loyalties are getting reviewed all the time. Advertising shouldn't add to the dissonance through overpromise.

Marketing Objective
Idea Cellular, the first mobile operator to announce the upcoming Mobile Number Portability, recently has now launched a Toll Free Number to guide over 700 million mobile subscribers on various aspects and procedures of number portability taken the lead in spreading awareness about MNP Profit is expected to go up by 11% to Rs 189 crore from Rs 170 crore (YoY) and Rs 179 crore (QoQ) Mobile tariff growth of 8.1% Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product

Marketing Strategy
PRODUCT: Mobile Number Portability Four objectives highlight the reasons why a customer should choose the idea of switching to idea network. Through these Idea cellular conveys the message: i. Network strength is strong even in interiors like lift, buildings etc. ii. Customized tariff plans are there so one need not unnecessarily pays higher bills iii. Transparent balance notification iv. Better customer care where doesnt need to wait much to talk to executive

Marketing Strategy

Idea cellular has launched a dedicated MNP Pack which costs Rs. 37 in all which includes Rs. 19 towards the MNP Porting charges and also the Sim cost. Apart from providing features like CLIP, Call Wait-Call Hold, Call Divert, SMS, Preactivated National / International Roaming, Voice Mail on Request, Multimedia Messaging, GPRS along with a talk time of Rs.5, this tariff will be applicable for a period of 365 days.

Marketing Strategy
PROMOTION PLANS: Idea Cellular, the first telecom operator which started campaigning for the service, has not announced any special offers for the customers, but it is making its presence with its round the clock "No Idea, Get Idea" campaigns.

Marketing Strategy
PLACEMENT: i. The customer has to get their Unique Porting Code (UPC) first. To get that code, a SMS is sent in the prescribed format PORT space 10 digit mobile number to 1900. ii. After getting UPC, visit the nearest Idea Customer Care or Idea Store and submit the required documents and fill an application form regarding portability. iii. After applying and filling the application form, Idea will provide a new SIM card and its to be used with that card within a prescribed date and now MNP is activated. iv. The port-in fee is just Rs. 37 which includes the porting charge of Rs. 19and New SIM charge of Rs. 18.

Advertising Objectives
The basic objective of the current campaign is to pre-empt Mobile Number Portability, a playful take on the brands name to establish the superiority of Idea over competition. To reaffirms existing Idea customers pride in the product.

Advertising strategy
idea used the socially relevant messages in todays commercial environment, it has also taken into consideration the simple arising out of common mobile communication and shows how idea has the edge about the rest in the no idea, get idea campaign Use of Creativity for catching the attention of the viewers Use of Slogans Brand Ambassador: Abhishek Bachchan Value added services Consumers will be able to connect to the brand; especially since its communication strategy hasnt changed over the years.

Target Audience
Customers who are not satisfied with their mobile service provider are the main target audience. Mobile consumers looking for better network, service, products & tariffs etc. can move to the Idea network, post MNP. From the four TV Commercials, youngsters and office goers are the main target. They have targeted on people who are existing customers of other service providers. The campaign is probably targeting on professionals because of the MNP facility. It prevents them from losing their contacts!!

Brand Features
IDEA - Brand Mission The India footprint Idea Anywhere connectivity - bringing India closer. The Technology Advantage Idea Tomorrow's technology to enrich today. The Customer Focus Idea Make a single interaction a lasting relationship.

The Employee Focus Idea Nurture the roots that nurture our ideas.

Brand Features
Brand Initiatives Idea Rocks India Idea Star Singer Idea Andhra Idol

Media used main communication medium: television Billboards and hoardings are used as a secondary medium Other mass communication media such as the press and radio to communicate price plans and other tactical and customer information.

Brand Features
Brand Vision:
To be the most customer-focused mobile service brand, continuously innovating to help liberate our customers from the shackles of time & space.

Brand Values
Innovate . Stimulate . Liberate ....

Creative Strategy
It aims at highlighting the Idea cellulars service superiority over others. This is a brand building campaign and thus doesnt talk about any specific plan. This preemptive campaign puts Idea in a advantageous position against competition. Now competitors will find it difficult to create campaigns on these features and negate this first -mover advantage of Idea. The common practice of saying No idea! to things beyond ones control is cleverly used in the context of reminding people of the reasons to consider a switch.

Creative Strategy
The common practice of saying No idea! to

things beyond ones control is cleverly used in

the context of reminding people of the reasons to consider a switch. it is probably the first idea campaign that doesnt really have an idea nor is it topical. Instead it employs a pun. The right puns can deliver huge likeability and recall. They can also serve as a verbal takeaway for the viewers.

Earmarks Rs 75 crore national ad budget

Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness

The campaign utilizes all relevant mainline media to propagate the message to its audiences with 60-second commercial and its various edits, print campaign & outdoor publicity.

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