There are a rich variety of theories to account for the origin of the word “cocktail”.all that is known for certain is that cocktail as they were called in American bars came in to popularity after the 1914-18 war and reached in their zenith in the late twenties and early thirties.cocktail is taken before any meal to stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion.”it is mixed drink made of spirits ,bitter,flavoring and may be sugar syrups.this definition is not strictly accurate as all cocktail may not contain all four of these ingredients.

1. 2. It must wet the appetite and not dull it it should stimulate the mind as well as the appetite.a well made cocktail is one of the most delicious of pleases the senses. it must be pleasing to the order that a cocktail may satisfy the palate,it must be dry,yet smooth,indeed in compounding a cocktail,the first thought should be the production of a drink sufficiently dry to wake up the taste buds yet not so sour or so bitter so aromatic as to be impalatable. It must be pleasing to eyes It must have sufficient alcoholic flavor to be readily distinguishable It must be well iced.


4. 5. 6.

additional flavoring and coloring ingredients .smoothening agent also may but need not necessarily contain third type.COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS Every cocktail properly so called must contain two distinct types of ingredients. a modifying agent .they are: 1. Base 2.

.for example –a mixture of Italian and French vermouth with bitter.rum-based cocktail and with in certain limits it is possible to combine two liquors as a base.The base:-this is the fundamental and distinguishing ingredient of the cocktail and usually comprises more than 50% of the entire volume of the common acceptance however combination of various liquors or aromatic wines as a base have also come to be called as cocktail.thus we have gin based cocktail.whisky based cocktail.gin.normally the cocktail base consist of a single liquor and this one liquors being distinguishing and predominant ingredient determined the type of cocktail .strictly speaking the base must always consist of spirits like –whisky.brandy.

The modifying agents can be further divided in to 3 groups A. miscellaneous smoothing agent :-these include all types of sugar syrups. aromates : include aromatic wines such as French and Italian vermouths.its functions are to smooth down the biting sharpness of the liquor and at the same time to add character to its flavors. Fruit juices :-all fruit juices which are used such as orange.tomato etc with or without sugar.lemon.the flavor of the modifier in itself should never pre-dominate but should always remain thoroughly chilled would still not be a cocktail & would remain merely a chilled liquor. For example :angostura bitters B.A modifying agent:-it is an ingredient in combination with the base which materials the cocktails and without This ingredient the base no matter how vigorously shaken.bitters of various types.milk .cream eggs. C.pineapple.

LONG DRINKS. COCKTAILS.sometimes the ingredients which are used as modifying agent in one cocktail may be used for flavoring and coloring for other.the united kingdom bartenders guild (UKBG) made this one of the main objective over the period of is quite impossible for any one man to know them all. Classification of cocktails. iced mixed drinks can be roughly divided into four groups. STIMULANTS .they have compiled a cocktail recipe book which is universally accepted as an authentic method of dispensing the drinks. It is estimated that there are over 10000 mixed drinks and cocktail in use.following is a short selection of the few standard drinks in each group. APERITIFS.Additional flavoring agents:-these include all the various cordials and liqueurs.

they should contain spirit base .most common one are sidecar.Aperitifs:-these must stimulate the appealing to the eye and have immediate effect . Dry martini Cocktail:-this is the largest group of all.these drinks are usually made from wines mixed the spirit .white lady etc .shaken mixed drinks.broadly speaking.they must.coloring and flavoring ingredients and may be fruit juices or other modifying agents .therefore.e.g.and consists of all short.

and he will be prescribe cocktails for one’s needs.these are also described as “pick-me ups” champagne cocktails etc.Long drinks:-these are served in a tall tumblers such as high balls. .if one has to put one self into the hands of the bar tenders when he has hang over.or Collin's glass. Stimulants:-(pick me ups)instead of going to the doctors.

Blending Build . 2. Shaking Stirring 3.Cocktails can be made either of these ways 1. 4.

cooling and thoroughly mixing the ingredients. the drink will become diluted. Holding the top and bottom of the shaker together with both hands shake vigorously so that the ice moves up and down the inside of the shaker quickly. If some ingredients are placed in the shaker with the ice it will melt quickly. Once the ice has been placed in the shaker it will start to melt.Assemble all the ingredients before commencing preparation of the cocktail. Plenty of ice should be placed into the shaker and any excess water should be strained off.Shaking:Cocktails may be shaken in either a Boston or a standard shaker. The ingredients are then poured into the shaker on to the ice and the top is put on securely. . if the barman then finds that an ingredient is not to hand.

Plenty of ice should be placed in the mixing glass and then any water strained off before adding any ingredients . The cocktail is then strained through a Hawthorn strainer.Stirring:- `` The ingredients for stirred cocktails are mixed together with a bar spoon in a mixing glass containing plenty of ice.

Blending:Blended drinks are prepared by mixing the ingredients in a liquidizer. . You typically build highballs. Crushed ice is usually used in the blender in place of ice cubes Build:To build a drink is to mix it step by step in the glass in which it has to be served. This method is very suitable for drinks which require a puree or fruit in them. fruit-juice drinks tall drinks in which ingredients are floated one on another. long drinks and quantities. adding ingredients one at a time.

LEMON ZEST: This is used twisted over drinks such as Dry Martini cocktails to extract oils which will settle on the top of the drink giving a delicate lemon smell and taste to it. and this can be made by putting ice cubes through an ice crushing machine. small cubes or double chips are most suitable. For shaken and stirred cocktails and mixed drinks. It must be clear and clean and plentiful in supply. CHERRIES: These are used for cocktails and mixed drinks to add colour and flavour. These are also the best shapes for regular bar drinks such as gin and tonics. . LEMON SLICES: This is used as garnish in many cocktails. Crushed ice is best for use in blenders. LEMON: Fresh lemons are an essential commodity in any bar.INGREDIENTS AND ACCOMPANIMENTS ICE: Ice is made in machines in various shapes and sizes.

OLIVES: Both black and green olives are used as ingredients in some drinks. SOME OF THE OTHER INGREDIENTS USED ARE: Castor sugar Cream Eggs Limes Nutmeg Cucumber Pearl Onions Salt Pepper Tabasco sauce Worcestershire sauce cube sugars .INGREDIENTS AND ACCOMPANIMENTS ORANGES: The slices of oranges are used as garnish in many cocktails ORANGE ZEST: It is used in the same way as lemon zest FRESH ORANGE JUICE: It is an ingredient in many cocktails MINT: Fresh mint leaves are used as an ingredient of juleps and sprigs of mint are used as a decoration to these and other drinks.

BAR MEASURES 1. 6. 5. 3.5 litres 5 ml 12. 9.15 ml 2 – 3 drops 15 ml 30 ml 180 ml . 4. 8. 2. 10 1 Quart = 1 Pint = 1 jigger = 1 gallon = 1 teaspoon = 1 bar spoon = 1 dash = 1 dessert spoon= 1 oz = 1 nip = 32 oz 6 oz 1 ½ oz 4. 7.

Cocktail mixing spoon . Cocktails Shaker 2.` LIST OF BAR EQUIPMENTS 1.

3 Ice tongs 4 Ice pail or bucket .

5 Glass mixing jug 6 Ice picks .

7. Spirit measures .

8 Wine and cocktail glass .

LIST OF BAR EQUIPMENTS 9 Ice shaver & crusher .

LIST OF BAR EQUIPMENTS 10 Fruit squeezer .

11 Grater 12 meddler .

13 Cocktail sticks 14 Swizzle sticks .

15 corkscrew 16 Can opener .

17 Bottle opener 18 Decanter .

19 Coasters 20 Hawthorne strainer .

21 Ice cube making machine .

22 funnel .

22 Glass cooler 23 Cutting board 24 refrigerator .

They are usually served in tankards or wine glasses with crushed ice. For eg. citrus juice and a spirit. Bacardi Flip. DAISIES: These are usually a combination of grenadine. . Served in a goblet with straws and decorated with a fruit. FIZZES: This is a spirit based drink with plenty of ice shaken and topped with soda. Brandy Flip. COBBLERS: Wine and spirit based drinks. It is drunk immediately. It is shaken with finely crushed ice and strained into a cocktail glass decorated with a pinch of grated nutmeg.MIXED DRINKS FLIPS: Any wine or spirit based drink shaken with egg yolk or whole of egg. If they contain they contain only one or two dashes. The cobblers don’t contain any citrus fruit juice.

MIXED DRINKS JULEPS: This is an American drink containing mint with claret. the most popular being brandy. They are served with plenty of ice CUPS: Wine based drinks usually long drinks EGG NOGGS: Rum or brandy and milk based and egg is added to the drink. COLLINS: Collins are the tallest of all tall drinks usually served in 12 – 14 oz Collins glass. Madeira or bourbon whisky base SMASHES: A smaller version of juleps. Edge of a glass is decorated with powdered sugar. Crushed ice is placed in the glass. CRUSTAS: It is made with any spirit. . Served in tumblers.

SWIZZLES: This takes name from the sticks used to stir the drink. HIGHBALL: It is a simple drink prepared with a spirit and a mixer POUSSE CAFÉ: This is made by a series of different colored liqueurs floated one on top of the other in a tall glass specially made for this purpose. Swizzles create a frost on outside of the glass . decorated with fruit and served with short straws.MIXED DRINKS FIXES: Short drink made by pouring any spirit over crushed ice. This happens because of varying specific gravities.

RECIPES OF SOME POPULAR COCKTAILS RUM BASED Daiquiri White rum Cointreau Fresh lime 45 ml 15 ml 15 ml Method Glass Garnish - Shake Champagne Saucer Frosted Sugar .

30 ml 30ml 15 ml 120 ml 120 ml 15 ml Blend Collins Pineapple wedge and a cherry on a umbrella .RECIPES OF SOME POPULAR COCKTAILS RUM BASED Maitai White rum Brandy Cointreau Orange juice Pineapple juice Fresh Lime - .

1. Blue Hawaiin 45 ml 15 ml 60 ml White rum Blue Curacao Pineapple juice - Shake Champagne Saucer Quarter wedge of pineapple on rim .RECIPES OF SOME POPULAR COCKTAILS RUM BASED .

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