“The Man Who Owned Broadway”

-“The Two Barney‟s” -“The Four Cohan‟s” . 1878 -Irish by decent -Father and Mother had a traveling variety show -He never really had a home.EARLY LIFE -Born July 3rd.


Reublin..” -Chip Deffa “It is unclear as to whether or not this song was indeed a Cohan original or an imported song…” -Richard A.THE BEGINNINGS OF HIS MUSIC "Cohan said he never wrote a better song than „Venus... And he kept it in print as long as he lived … „Venus…‟ was credited solely to Cohan.‟ that it was a personal favorite among all of the songs he'd written. The Parlor Songs Academy .

” -Script of The Governor's Son .H I S L I F E A N D C A R E E R TA K E S OFF! "Ladies and gentlemen. my father thanks you. my sister thanks you. and I thank you!” -George M. my mother thanks you. Cohan “WIDOW: I hope to see more of you! GEORGE: I'm going in bathing tomorrow.


S U C C E S S ( C O N T. he broke out of the invisible box that had long restricted male dancers in the theatre.” -George M. even sending him up the side of the proscenium for back flips.” -John Kenrick. The top part. ) “I'll never be happy now until I own a part of Broadway. Cohan 101 . Cohan's dance routines covered the whole stage. Cohan “Cohan changed the definition of a Broadway leading man. Tap dancing with a lightness that seemed to resist gravity while still looking manly. mind you. Just a little part.


O W N I N G B R OA D W A Y .


THE END “Give my regards to Broadway Remember me to Herald Square Tell all the gang at Forty-Second Street That I will soon be there Whisper of how I'm yearning To mingle with the old time throng Give my regards to old Broadway And say that I'll be there e'er long!” .

com/issues/2004http://upload. "The Music of George M. Cohan: A 2_small. 2004. John.jpg http://rlv.pappasontaxes.jpg/215pxLittleJohnnt.blogspot.musicals101.jpg http://blogs. Cohan. 2012.jpg/ _from_broadway_cardy. http://upload.jpg http://parlorsongs. The Parlor Songs Academy.000. Reublin.gstatic.jpg content/uploads/2008/08/george-m-cohan.wikimedia.htm g http://www.jpg vey. Musicals https://jscholarship. _small. July http://www.library.jpg Web.loc.jpg .jpg humb/5/59/ http://www.jpg http://parlorsongs.2/8384/ e/1774. 2012.jpg http://davecol8.jpg .jpg /agnesnolan1.musicals101.JPEG?seque 3e0." George M. 07 Sept.084." George M.SOURCES Kenrick.musicals101.wikimedia. His Life & http://www. Cohan.jpg http://www.jpg http://images.musicals101. Richard A.jpg http://parlorsongs. Cohan: A Biography. 05 ons/thumb/c/cf/George-m-cohan7/thismonth/4cohans-stage. "George M.jpg SfjQfCoQvz1kJj2M2afUvSH_iUz6ubox8YoN B-24HWS08lxn70rw nce=9 http://2.

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