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Choose any organization.  Identify areas of possible risks (as in tables 14.1, 14.2 and 14.3).

consider strategic, managerial and operational levels.  In each situation make a recommendation to management to what their risk response should be
Aditya Verma Nishant Bhatia

Eastern Europe.    Worlds 4th largest Brewery Started 1847 J.C Jacobsen Started in Copenhagen. and Northern & Western Europe . 64 breweries all over the world Carlsberg engages in Asia.

Strategic Risks:      Water Shortage Market / Competition Energy emission/ Carbon Footprint Political/ Economic Social/Media .

. forecasts and analysis. Use of ERM Social and media : Drink responsible drives.Strategic Risk assessment      Launch a series of initiatives aimed at reducing water use or improving water quality Carlsberg can engage in the American market Entry barriers and competition is high. sponsorships. Pricing & Supplier Cost: Manage the risk associated with commodity prices with accurate price estimates. Economic and Financial: Monitor. but new business models and innovative thinking could secure the American market. Commodities. forecast and manage risk with insurance cover and energy market intelligence services.

Operational Risks:     Raw Materials & Packaging risks IT risks Supply Chain risks Health and safety risks at bottling plants .

Health & Safety. brand reputation and stock value with Supplier risk management solutions. Find international engineering and technical standards.Operational Risk Assessment  Utilize a global system of record to maintain accountability and responsibility with Environmental. . minimize product design and counterfeits. specifications. Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents  Supply Chain: Manage bottom line risk. Eg.

Managerial Risks  Managerial weaknesses  Policy Implementation  Mergers and Acquisition/Partnerships  Shortage of skilled and experienced staff .

 The Audit Committee appointed by the Supervisory Board is responsible for monitoring the internal control system  Introduce whistle blower system and ethics training.Audit committee at Carlsberg  In December 2010. the Supervisory Board decided to establish a Remuneration Committee and a Nomination Committee  The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board have overall responsibility for the Group’s control environment. .

•Organizational issues to consider: –Align interests –Pick the right people –Establish risk-taking incentives –Understand the decision situations –Integrate with strategy process –Monitor and respond .