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• Youth Area-Wide Sunday night, March 25 Family Retreat March 30April 1 Friends and Family Day April 22 Service Day Saturday, April 28 Senior Sunday Night

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Meet the Students
 384 high school seniors from different regions across the US  All involved in church youth groups  59% female | 41% male  82% live with both father and mother  Median GPA is 3.5 – 3.99  83% White/Caucasian | 8% Asian/Asian American 3% Hispanic/Latino | 2% African-American 1% Native-American | 3% Other  Average church size: 500-900 members  Average youth group size: 50-75 students

What is Sticky Faith? both internal and external. 1. It is
2. It is both personal and communal. 3. It is both mature and maturing.

Mission Statement: Partnering with families to prepare young people for a lifetime of loving God, loving others, and following Jesus.

Parents, Parents, Parents you some ―Let me give

good news from our research: your kids are more connected to you than you might think. We asked graduating seniors to rank five groups in terms of the quality and quantity of support they received from them. Those five groups were friends inside of youth group, friends outside of youth group, youth leaders, parents, and adults in the congregation. Which group did they rank number one? Parents. More good news: our research shows a relationship between this parental support and Sticky Faith.‖

Parents, Parents, Parents you are that shapes • ―It’s who

your kid…How you express and live out your faith may have a greater impact on your son or daughter than anything else.‖ • It’s never too late. It’s never too early.

Let’s End with God
―As we share our research with parents, including parents who are grieving the way their children have strayed from the Sticky Faith path, we are repeatedly reminded of the God who transcends all research and all easy answers. We are struck by how much we need to depend on God for wisdom and strength for ourselves…Ultimately, the Holy Spirit, not us, develops Sticky Faith in our kids.‖ ―Our top suggestion is this: trust the Lord with your kids and continue to ask—maybe at times beg— the Lord to build in them a Sticky Faith.‖

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