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Looking Forward…
• Service Day April 28

This Saturday,

Meet at the building at 10 AM, bring $2 for pizza lunch

Shower for Savannah May 8


Diapers or diaper-related gifts, 6 PM, home of Julie Roggli

• •

Senior Sunday Night May 13 Middle School Bowling


SEGREGATED Kids’ Table Catastophe

“I wish that there had been an intentional effort by the church to integrate the teenagers in the body with older believers. Although I was able to do this because of my parents’ direction, many of the other teenagers were content to remain in youth group, largely separated from the vision and ministry of the church at large. While it may have driven some youth away, I would have liked to see more integration within the larger church body.”

• We need to welcome children as Jesus did. • Involvement in all-church worship is linked with mature faith. • Teenagers who serve young children build sticky faith. • High school seniors crave support from adults in their congregations. • Contact from adults in the church makes a difference to college freshmen. • College freshmen have difficulty finding a

The New 5:1 Ratio
Our children need the influence of other faithful adults in their lives.

Be intentional.

5:1 ratio into existing church programs. • Think of some brand new church events or programs for applying the 5:1 ratio. • Think of some ideas for making our worship times more intergenerational. • Think of some ideas for rituals or rites of passage for children and teenagers that could increase intergenerational relationships.

Table Talk—IdeaThink of some ideas for incorporating the Sharing

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