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FREDRI.K.IDESTAMS He is the owner of nokia industry in 1865. Professionally he is a engineer. He is considered father of Finland paper mills. In 1871 Fredri.k.idestams changes his factory name as a “ NOKIAAB’’. NOKIA’s head office in kielalahadentie.

and launch a cell phone. Nokia started its operation in India 1987. .In 1992 nokia decided to focus on its telecommunication it was the most probably and Important strategic decision on its history.

NOKIA CEO As the GSM standard grew new “CEO” is STEPHEN ELOP. . STEPHEN ELOP he is the head of the mobile telephone Industry of nokia.

As developed nokia introduces next feature is “SMS” know As short message service.Nokia first “GSM HANDSET” is NOKIA 1011. It introduces in nokia 6110. It was launch in 1992 and next mobile is “nokia 2100” It was launch by his nokia ring tone in 1994. .

Mobile model is “NOKIA 7110” In 2002 it launch his first “3G mobile” is “nokia 6650” and Nokia sells billionth phone a “nokia 1100” India global mobile Phone subscription pass “2 billion” . In 1999 nokia launches the world first “WAP HANDSET”.World first WAP handset.

Mobility is Driving Today’s Business Agility Reliable business phones Effective support Fullyfunctional applications .

Automate Business Information Distribution Sales Tools. Parts lists. Intranet Content. … Company Brochures Presentations Pricing Updates Marketing GAL Phone List Intranet Site Human Resources Operating Reports Executive Dashboard Accounting Financial Data Compliance Info Contracts Legal Nokia Intellisync File Sync As files change on the corporate network. Data. the files are automatically updated on remote devices . Documents.

Product part .

Calendar and Email. Internet Design Multi-task for greater efficiency Business Voice Security Be prepared if device lost or stolen Performance .Benefits and Features Beyond messaging Know where you are and find where you’reLocation going Experience browsing like you’re used to Stay better organized and get in touch faster with integrated PIM Contacts. Access intranet and Intranetweb-based business tools easily and securely.

029 and is available in the market. he added.NOKIA. The Asha 305 is a dual SIM phone with 3-inch resistive touch screen and 2MP camera. while Asha 311 will be available August 12 onwards. Globally.5G capacitative touch screen phone. pre-installed Nokia maps and is powered by a 1GHz processor. priced at Rs 7. 3. . Ooze said as many as 2 million people access social networking site Face book through their Asha handsets. The Asha 311 is a 3.ASHA The Nokia Asha family has received tremendous consumer response. there are about 10 devices under the 'Asha' series. Asha 305 will be priced at Rs 5.139. With the launch of Nokia Asha touch range.2 MP camera.

5'' Processor name: Snapdragon™ S4 Maximum 3G talk time: 10.8h Maximum 3G standby time: 460h Music playback time: 74h .NOKIA LUMIA 920 at a glance Primary camera sensor size: 8.7megapixels Camera: Nokia Pure View Display size: 4.

 Effective use of television : Advertisements that Indians can identify with.Marketing Strategy  As a big company Nokia is able afford more promoting and advertising that smaller.  Mass marketing by sponsoring events that will be viewed by large amounts of people in their chosen market segment. less successful companies. Using Shah rukh Khan as Brand Ambassador.  Effective use of print media : Advertisements for business phones found in Economic Times. High end phone advertisements found in magazines such as Lifestyle. .

Financial part .

Apple Samsung Nokia LG htc Sales Apple samsung nokia LG htc sony ericsson Motorola Sony Ericsson Motorola Blackberry ZTE Hawaii China mobile Blackberry ZTE hawaii .

0 billion. And new launched mobile is nokia lumia 920 . Non – international financial report standard (IFRS) earning Per share is (EPS) EUR 0. Nokia operation cash flow is 944 million. 2012 net sale EUR 10.NOKIA FINANCIAL REPORT Nokia quarterly Q3.11.



20.SHARE HOLDER S ’ EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Total shareholders’ equity and liabilities EUR36.50.000/- .

Conclusion .

.  700 priority dealers and 11. bulk of mobile sales was grey market only.  Conversion of mobile into FMCG category.  Till 2013 .000 authorized dealers and many more in every nook and corner of country.DEALING WITH COMPETITION Availability is word for distribution and care system at Nokia.

Therefore.FUTURE PLANS  TRAI has recently authorized the use of VoIP in India. 15000 for high end models by leading players such as CISCO. VoIP will decrease mobile tariffs to as less as 10 to 40%per minute for STD calls and free local calls. . Nokia should think about positioning itself in the VoIP handset segment as well.800 (Chinese make) to Rs. Low tariff rates and low cost handsets may result in huge drift towards VoIP from GSM and CDMA. VoIP handsets may be floated in India for as less as Rs.