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Largest city in Gujarat. Area is 205 sq Km. rail and air to national capital. . The Government has started vibrant Gujarat program to attract more foreign investment. City is well connected by road.AHMEDABAD • • • • • Ahmedabad is situated in the state of Gujarat in the western India. Kolkata. Mumbai and other major cities like Bangalore. Fastest growing city of India. • • • GDP of Ahmedabad was 89 billion USD in 2010. Hyderabad. Seventh largest city and eighth largest metropolitan area of India. New Delhi and country’s financial capital. Chennai. and ranked third as the fastest growing city worldwide.

Ahmedabad is now witnessing a major construction boom and an increase in population. as far as competitive spirit is concerned. trade and industry. EIU’s report reveals that Ahmedabad has witnessed double-digit growth in GDP and has the potential to grow even faster. Ahmedabad has seen great prosperity because of its proximity to Surat and its access to the hinterland of Gujarat.AHMEDABAD • Ahmedabad is the largest industrial centre in Gujarat and has been an important base of commerce. City has also seen a significant rise in information technology and scientific industries. • . Ahmedabad ranks 92nd in the list of Top-100 cities of the world. • • Though dusty roads and bungalows used to dot the city once.

GDP of India is growing at approximately 9%. GDP growth of India reduced because of recession and after that it start growing at good pace. This high growth of GDP and high proportion of middle class people made India Top 3rd favoured destination for FDI. which state is attractive? . In 2009-10. Since India is most attractive place for foreign investors.Before 2009. now among all states.

WHY GUJRAT 3rd fastest growing city in world (2010 by Forbes magazines) Top contributor of Indian economy (22% of Indian export contributed by Gujrat) .

Middle East and East Asian economies Gateway to land locked states in India.STRATEGIC LOCATION Connected to major ports of UK. Australia. Good attraction for exports (connectivity) .

Population growth of Gujrat is 22. Retailers can have more consumers per sq km. So it would be a great attraction for retailers as it is and will be a city with large number of consumers. of stores (saves cost . Density of Ahmedabad has increased from 727 to 890. so he can cater to larger consumer base with less no. time) .31% as compared to 17% of India.

10%) and markets 37.288 16.838 8.retail Approximately 43% of expenses of consumers is in retail sector.352.334 6. 3 1 Mumbai Population 18.9%) . 2 Delhi Great attraction for retailer.254 Purchasing power 53.88 58.399 7.Clothing and shoes (5.499.414.18 63.15 75.54 Bangalore Ahmedabad is among top 5 cities in terms of 4 Hyderabad Purchasing power.98 65.749.314. 5 Ahmedabad .

•FDI in retail is against national interests because it will not only dislocate the small and unorganized retailers but also result in their unemployment •550 mn people under age of 5 years .373 233.39 8.564.027 9.78 10.671 365.507.32 6.273 300.88 •Gujarat is India’s most industrialized and urbanized economy.95 8.295 390.158.10 10.57 9.39 11.364 3.636 4.48 9.637 4.393 281.896.47 6.222. infrastructure growth and has prime location.GDP of Gujrat % growth GDP of India % growth 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 203.78 2. •Government policies encourage enterprenual spirit. Manufacturing sector contributes 28% of GDP.341 330.421 14.676 4.971.885.253.954 5.464 3.39 6.00 6.073 3.72 8.776 253.

Central Business Districts • CG ROAD & SG ROAD • Although Manekchawk. Ashram Road and CG Road have not completely lost their charm and are still part and parcel of trading activities. SG Road has emerged as the new central business district of Ahmadabad • SG ROAD: Came up in 2000 • CG ROAD: Came in late 80’s .

Ashram Road • Gandhi Road is more of wholesale whereas Relief Road which is in old Ahmadabad is for Retail. Gandhi Road. Bapu Nagar. Drive In Road and Gurukul Circle : Primary Triangle: Neighbourhood Square : Secondary .Secondary Business Districts • Relief Road. Neighbourhood Business Districts • ManiNagar. Krishna Nagar. Kuber Nagar. Sardar Nagar.


Drive-in Road.Near Indraprast Tower. S G Highway. Ahmedabad. Rudra Point. Near Iskcon Temple.Big Bazar in Ahmedabad 2 in mall and 1 outside malls 1. Raipur.Gujarat 380052 3.Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad . Big Bazaar.Gurukul. Himalaya Mall. 10 Acres Mall. Gujarat 380015 2.

Iscon Mall. Croma Store in Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway Himalaya mall is the only mall to have BigBazzar and Croma in it • • • • . Dev Arc Mall. Ahmadabad. Satellite Road. 380053. Indraprasth Tower. Gujarat. Star Bazar. Drive in Rod.1st. Jodhpur Char Rasta. Satellite mall Devarc – Ahmadabad CROMA. Basement of Himalaya Mall. 380052. Floor. Ahmadabad. Junction of Sg Road and Satellite Road. Next to Fun Republic. Opp Bidiwala Park. Memnagar. Ahmedabad-380015.Croma in Ahmedabad 3 in Malls and 1 outside mall • Ahmedabad Himalaya –Ahmadabad CROMA. Star Bazar –Ahmedabad CROMA. Gujarat.

B B C SS C C B Location B C SS Big Bazaar Chroma Shopper Stop .

Ahmedabad Sunrise Shopping Mall Shopping Mall Vastrapur.Ahmedabad R3 Mall Shopping Mall Memnagar.Ahmedabad Satyam Mall Shopping Mall Satellite.Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Central Shopping Mall Ambawadi.Ahmedabad Iscon Mega Mall Shopping Mall Bodakdev.List Of Shopping Malls in Ahmedabad Total 14 malls • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Himalaya Mall Shopping Mall Drive In Road.Ahmedabad Amrapali Shopping Mall Shopping Mall Ambli.Ahmedabad Super Mall Shopping Mall C G Road.Ahmedabad Sarvopari Mall Shopping Mall Bhuyangdev.Ahmedabad 10 Acres Mall Shopping Mall Raipur.Ahmedabad Sardar Patel Mall Shopping Mall Bapunagar.Ahmedabad . Honest Gallops Mall Shopping Mall Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway.Ahmedabad Freeway Mall Shopping Mall Bodakdev.Ahmedabad Grand Monarch Mall Shopping Mall Satellite.Ahmedabad Covered.

Location of all Malls .

30% 7.10% 7.00% 0.00% 0.70% 9.40% Cushman and wakefield .00% 5.00% 0.90% 90 Jun-12 INR PER SF/MTH 100 80 75 65 0. Road Law Garden Satellite Road S.00% -6.G Highway MALLS INR PER SF/MTH Vastrapur S.70% 15.00% 23.00% 130 120 130 0.80% 90 Sep-12 0.10% 44.00% 28.20% 23.10% 7.00% 7.G Highway Drive-in Road Kankaria Lake 100 75 70 60 150 120 140 15.40% 0.RENTAL RATES RENTAL RATES Sep-12 INR PER SF/MTH Y-O-Y Q-O-Q CHANGE CHANGE INR PER SF/MTH Jun-12 Y-O-Y Q-O-Q CHANGE CHANGE MAIN STREETS C.00% 12.10% 20.00% 0.70% 33.90% Y-O-Y Q-O-Q CHANGE CHANGE 0.00% -7.10% Y-O-Y Q-O-Q CHANGE CHANGE 0.00% 0.40% 0.30% -6.00% 5.70% -7.G.

• Low Mall rentals could attract retailers providing them with a good option .ANALYSIS • Declining rentals in malls is due to high vacancies across most malls • Lack of new supply and preference for high street has led to an increase in growth in rental.

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