You and the people you know are going to travel anyway, doesn’t it just make sense to…
get paid on that travel? make a substantial amount of your personal travel tax deductible rather than paying for it with after tax dollars? travel as an insider, with potential perks and benefits, rather than as an outsider?* WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO THROW MONEY AWAY FOR NO REASON?

The YTB Business So unique, it’s two businesses! Opportunity
Own your own travel business with a company supported website
Earn 60% of the commissions from all travel booked on your website

Benefit from the greatest referral compensation plan in the industry
Make money every time you and your Rep team refer someone to the travel business

The YTB Business So unique, it’s two businesses! Opportunity
The YTB companies offer two unique and powerful business opportunities, that of an online travel agency (RTA) and that of an independent marketing representative or (Rep). The travel agency opportunity has an initial fee under $500 and a monthly license fee of $49.95. There is no fee or travel agency purchase required to become a Rep. You may choose to participate in one or both opportunities.

The Companies
YTB Travel Network
The Online Travel Agency

The Marketing Company
Founded in January 2001 with the goal of becoming the world’s largest travel company by 2011 Wholly-owned subsidiary of YTB International, a publicly-traded company (YTBL.PK)

Clue # One
Why the Travel Industry?
$1.3 Trillion annually in the US $7 Trillion worldwide How big of piece of this pie would You need to make a difference in your family?

Travel and Tourism
Will double in the next 10 Years Growing 23% faster than the world economy Accounts for 11% of consumer spending spend average of Americans

$4,200 per year on their family vacation Have you ever booked travel online?
Will you ever go back to the old way?

The 4 Trends

Travel and Tourism

The Internet Baby Boomers Home Based Business

A Market Shift ... Is occurring as we speak

• It is the largest market shift  in business history • The purchase of Travel  is moving to the Internet

Clue # Two
It’s said if you want to be a Millionaire… Find one and do exactly what they tell you to do!

The Founders
J. Lloyd Tomer
YTB Founder “The Coach”

Scott Tomer
YTB Founder CEO, YTB International

J. Kim Sorensen
YTB Founder CEO, YTB Travel Network
Kim Coach Scott

YourTravelBiz.co m

$2 Million for the entire year of 2003 $2 Million per week in 4th Quarter 2006

New Home Office
Wood River, IL

122,000 sq. ft.

Staff grew from 18 in 2003 to over 140 in 2006

Others who see the trend?
2003 Diller bought Expedia for $5.1billion Cheap seats and Hot Tickets Orbitz was sold for $1.2 billion Would you research?

Clue # 3

Referral or Network Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing: Expedia spends 60 to 70% of their revenue to get you to look at one of the 2.6 sites you will shop before you buy travel Travelocity spends $5 million a week in advertising

How can YTB compete?

The Answer is Simple
If the Price is Comparable for the…
Same Same Same Same seat on the Plane Room at the Hotel Vacation Resort cabin on a Cruise

• Who Will Your Friends and Family Buy Their Travel

You ... of course


Highly Advertised Site?

3,209 RTAs after the first 3 years 60,551 RTAs 3 years later

From $1,665 to more than $50,000 a week Over 3,000% growth in 2 years

Our Concept is Working
YTB Travel Network earned the Pinnacle Award, Carnival Cruise Lines’ top award

Travel is YTB’s business. Our 2007 goal is $1 billion in travel bookings!

Clue # 4
Your business will be long term
Not selling like the Marriot or Carnival; you are selling the Marriot and carnival Selling it in the same way at the same price You don’t have to create a market, everyone Is buying Travel anyway

Clue # 5
Home – based Business Marketing Trend four: Home – based businesses are the fastest growing segment in the US economy.


There are 2 kinds of people who pay taxes; the Informed and the Uninformed.

When you become a Travel Professional, you can travel with substantial tax benefits

Tax Advantaged Travel
Employee Earn Pay Tax, Social Sec., etc @ 33% $2,000 Net Income $4,000 Pay Travel Expense (Annual Vacation) $4,000 Travel Business Owner $6,000 Earn $6,000 Pay Travel Expense @ 50% off $2,000 Net Income $4,000 Social Sec., Pay Tax, etc @ 33% $1,320



How Would You Rather Travel?

“Paycation Specialists” Turn FUN Into Profit!

Your Name Here

Personalized Website
Travel Commissions

You Earn 60% of the Commission for Travel Booked on your Site

Put ‘Your’ Travel Agency to
Commissions Usually 3%-18%

Earn 60% of Commissions
NASCAR Tickets •Theater Tickets Concert Tickets •Site Seeing Activities • Vegas Show TicketsTours •Foreign Currency Honeymoon Registry Exchange RV Rentals •Luggage Delivery Flowers •Gift Baskets Car Rentals •Sports Tickets College/Pro •... and Lots More

Weekly Deals & Steals
From Baltimore to St. Lucia Hotel with Air Package All Inclusive Club St. Lucia 5 Nights from $929 per person

You Earn $112

Let’s Compare

Wilmington, NC to St. Louis, MO

How Do We Compare?

2 People - 11 Day Caribbean Cruise

You Earn $269

Let’s Compare
From Chicago – 2 People – 7 Nights All Inclusive Caribbean Resort

$3,02 2

$3,02 2

You Earn $254

Our partners are the biggest names in travel. They provide your inventory!

Travel as an “Insider”

FAM Trips
FAM Trip (Familiarization Trip): Many resort areas, cities, tourism boards, properties, and vendors offer deeply discounted trips to Travel Agents to familiarize them with their location. These trips are offered as “Perks and Courtesies” to travel professionals at the sole discretion of the host. They are usually limited in availability. There are generally hundreds of FAMs at any given time. The following are examples of recent FAM trips experienced by RTAs…

Can you see yourself here?

Tahiti Travel Agent ‘FAM’ Trip
Five Days Includes:
Round Trip Airfare From Los Angeles Five days in a Five Star All Inclusive Resort Welcome And Farewell Cocktail Parties Taxes And Service Charges

Best Retail

$3,279 ppd


Agent Rate

$699 ppd

Income and/or production requirements may apply

YTB Travel Agents
2 People – 11 Days Caribbean Cruise

Travel Agent Price $798 Savings
$263 5


Income and/or production requirements may apply

7 Nights ... Inside Passage

Best Retail = $1,968 ppd = $398 Travel Agents ppd

Ports of Call: Cruising Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Cruising Icy Strait, Ketchikan, Cruising Misty Fjords

Work … or Paradise?

How do I get started as an RTA?
$449.95 – One-time set up fee Includes:
ü ü

ü ü

Personalized online travel site Referring Travel Agent (RTA) credentials* Your own travel business Ability to earn travel commissions
* Under California law, effective January 1, 2007 new California RTAs will not be qualified or entitled to receive travel discounts, reduced prices or preferential treatment not generally available to the general public.  In compliance with this law, California residents becoming RTAs on or after January 1, 2007 will not receive credentials from YTB.

$49.95 – Monthly Fee Includes:
ü ü ü


Website hosting and support Commission tracking Deals & Steals Travel Newsletter emailed to your customers weekly Fulfillment of your customers’ travel

You can become a YTB Rep at no cost and earn commissions from Travel Store Reps who personally enroll and sales maintain six RTAs are reimbursed their $49.95 monthly fee if they are also RTAs

Benefit from the greatest Rep compensation plan in the history of the industry.

YTB pays you to help us build the World’s Largest Travel Company Our Copyrighted Compensation System rewards you for building a team that enrolls RTAs

The YTB BIZ Rep Compensation System©


First TEAM
3 Personal

1 Personal


2 Personal

M ike


4 Joe

5 Sam

6 Jim

Personally Sponsor At Least 3 RTAs Total 6 Active RTAs In Any Combination

The YTB BIZ Rep Compensation System©

1st TEAM

Next Rep
1 1
$100.00 Infinity


$50 3

$50 4

Paid Thru Infinity


$50 5

$50 6

$50 7

$50 8

$50 9

$50 10

$50 11

$50 12

Each Increase of 6 RTAs = $1,000 Bonus

1.5 per week – 2003 200+ per week – 4th Quarter 2006

Minimum Earnings

For Building 100 Active Power Team Enrolled RTAs 

100 RTAs x $50 each $5,000 = LeaderShip Bonuses $16,00 16 = PowerTeam Bonus = 0 $10,00 Total Earnings 0 $31,00 Every time your Power Team increases by 100 active YTB0 RTAs,
You Will Earn an Additional . . .$10,000


3 in 2003 3 per week – 4th Quarter 2006

Unlimited 50% Commission Match
Paid On All Personally Sponsored BIZ Reps
Must Have 4 Personally Enrolled RTAs - One Can Be Yourself



M ike





What if you had MORE than just 3 personally enrolled?

The Power of the 50% Matching Bonus
3 (Biz Reps) X $1,000/month = $1,500 6 (Biz Reps) X $1,000/month = $3,000

10 (Biz Reps) X $1,000/month = $5,000

20 (Biz Reps) X $1,000/month = $10,000

00 (Biz Reps) X $1,000/month = $50,000
Just on Residual Income

Directors Program
500 Active RTAs

 Revenue Sharing Pool - $2,000/mo.
Current Monthly Minimum

 Medical Insurance  Life Insurance Policy
We Currently Have 5 Levels of Directors!

“Helping some Directors make up for 30 years of retirement mistakes”

Additional Bonuses Include …

2,000 RTAs -

Bonus 5,000 RTAs - $100,000 Bonus 10,000 RTAs - $250,000 Bonus 25,000 RTAs - $1,000,000 Bonus


President’s Club Rings
$1,000,000 $100,000


$1 Million Dollar Ring Earners


$6,000 Guarantee
Use this magazine to prospect and if you don’t earn at least $6,000 in 12 qualifying months*, YTB will issue a check to you for the * 12 out of 24 months where you difference!25 magazines hand out and register

We’re Different ...
 n n n n n n

No No No No No No No

Inventory n Employees n Quotas n Legs to Balance n Time Limit n Charge Backs n Test to Take n

No No No No No No No

Selling Experience Required Paperwork Customer Risk Deliveries Collections Licensing

Clues ...
• Travel ... a $1.3 trillion dollar industry • Your own 24/7 travel business • No experience necessary • Travel Agent Perks & Benefits • Tax Advantaged Travel • 72,000+ RTAs and growing • Six year old company • Publicly Traded Company • Ownership • World’s Greatest Compensation Plan • Automatic Tracking of commissions • RTA Bill of Rights • Success Magazine & other great tools • $6,000 Guarantee ... and lots more!

Have you ever been in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, only to realize it several years later? YTB is the right place at the right time!
Will you realize it now… or several years from now?

What Will You Do?
Circumstances stay the same Exchange hours for wages Pay higher taxes Pay full price when you travel

Join YTB…
Circumstances change Unlimited income potential Tax deductions Travel perks and advantages* Virtual business open 24/7 Experienced mentors “Franchise type” support No experience required
* Under California law, effective January 1, 2007 new California RTAs will not be qualified or entitled to receive travel discounts, reduced prices or preferential treatment not generally available to the

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

Will you let YTB help you pay for it?

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