Diasporas, Governments, VCs and the conundrum of the sustainability of your homegrown ad-hoc network

Can you fill the glass and drink it too? Emiliano Kargieman

Timeline of relevant networks I’m working with

• A coordination of established Diaspora groups to help Argentina develop a significant knowledgebased economy • Workshops & meetings & ... • Pilot Projects:
– THASA / G-Lab test – Urbix / mentoring & intl. exposure – Evaluation of R&D results

• A program inside SECyT, designed to:
– Strengthen the links of academia with their diasporists – Help retain talent – Help repatriate talent

• Actions:
– – – – Cesar Milstein Subsidies Return Subsidies Network subsidies Workshops & …

• New!: High-qualified job searches; Double the budget,
double the fun?; How to measure impact? How to raise the bar?

Canary Tech
• You can figure it out: Help bring the Canary Islands to the knowledge economy  • Big selling points:
– Availability of talent; – Belonging to the EU; EU incentives

• Strategy: Import start-ups • Pilot – Nov 06
– Venture forum with 40 companies from Germany, US, Mexico, Argentina – & Workshops & …

• Goals:
• To educate Latin innovation agents on the value of IP stressing commercialization and new venture generation • To gap knowledge and value creation

• Structure: 501(c3) in Silicon Valley, nodes in Spain, Mexico and Argentina (being incubated inside Secyt!) • Figuring out model; launching with:
• • • • A Biotech startup hot from the university lab IP strategy and patenting consultancies for small companies Due dilligence services for VC funds & Workshops & preaching the word & …

In the proposed framework
Venture forum Canary Tech Evaluation R&D results


Latipnet Biotech startup Latipnet Patent services Network subsidies THASA / G-Lab



Return subsidies Cesar Milstein subsidies



The experience so far tells me…

we know we can pour water but…

we are not so sure if there´s a glass, and…

who drinks from it

To move to the virtuous quadrant




The Biggest Challenges
• Align different players with potentially conflicting interests:
– Find the right public/private - profit/non-profit mix

• Keep the word spreading (keep building momentum)
– We should abuse the transactional and resource opportunities for these – We still need the workshops & the preaching & the databases & the forums

• Measure success
– Distance to the magic quadrant! – AND the first derivative!
(is that second forum of yours more successful? Keep them coming, but align expectations)

The Dream
• • • • • • More Success stories!!! Lab-nerds in the frontpage of Caras Magazine showing off their ferraris To build symbiotic, collaborative relationships: public/private, startups/grownups, etc To develop local capabilities to measure success and risk To go from government champions to government policy To get a few % of the pension funds into risk investments; to get a few % of the oil tax into clean energy research; etc… you get my point.