Successful Career in Science & Technology

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What is success?
• Gaining or achieving the desired goal
– – – We must define our career goals Chances favor the prepared mind - Louis Pasteur If we don’t know where we want to get to, it does not matter which way we go – Cheshire Cat

Work towards achieving the defined goals
– – Prepare to pay the necessary price Even to win a lottery, we need to buy a ticket

If we do our best with right attitude, everything is success and nothing is a failure “

I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often end up somewhere that I needed to be - Douglas Adams
We are the authors of our actions but the results are subject to hidden laws of nature – Karma Yoga


Primary goal of life Pursuit of Happiness 3 .

and prestige relative to others. reputation.Happiness is a state of mind based on perceived needs • • • • • PHYSICAL NEEDS Physiological: Food. A right choice of career with wisdom can fulfill most of these needs. SELF ACTUALIZATION NEED Personal system of values leading to self realization. clothes. Esteem and status: Drive for higher standing. shelter. … Safety Job security SOCIAL NEEDS Belongingness and love: Intimate family members and friends. 4 • .

Happiness for: • An hour : – Take a nap • A day – Go on picnic • A week – Go on vacation • A month – Get married • A year – Inherit wealth 5 .

Happiness for the lifetime Enjoy what you do for living (Then you will never have to work) When work is pleasure. life is a joy. 6 .

honest and meaningful life To improve quality of life. develop the next generation of products and technologies. 7 .Why Science and Engineering (S&E) career? • • • • • Fruits of S&E are essential to our modern society. and emotionally. mentally. It is not for everyone because it is very rigorous and demanding physically. technical skills. combat hunger and disease. For a respectful. logical minds and proper human interfaces To be an entrepreneur Study of S&E is challenging.…… To join the community of intellectuals and exchange knowledge with them To learn laws of nature and formulate theories for new ways of thinking • • • To sow seeds and then help the plants bear fruits To do wonders by combining talent.

Scientists and engineers see themselves Ambitious Assertive Caring Clever Confident Emotional Determined Creative Possessing leadership capability Rational Cooperative Competitive Persevering Hardworking Risk taker People oriented Machine oriented Passive Team player Intuitive Imaginative Logical Methodical 8 .

D. 17.S&E offers numerous career opportunities 1. 6.) Defense services Civil administrative services United Nations. 18.More by academia. 3. 5. 9.) Basic or fundamental research (Need Ph. High School science teachers Entertainment industry 9 . another opens so long Medical field – Technical jobs we are flexible and mobile.) . or other international services Foreign service Product (both hardware & software) development Product manufacturing Communication service providers (TELCOs. Patent inspector If one door closes. 12. 7. 8. University Teaching (need MS or Ph. disappearing in corporate world Applied research (MS or Ph.D. 2. 19. 20. 16. 15. 4. 10. 11. satellite and cableTV) Product or project management Marketing & Sales Technical services Entrepreneurships Financial world (investment and banking) Law – Patent law S&E opens more doors than any other discipline.D. world Bank. 14. 13.

Excel in whatever career you choose Burn as bright and as long as possible in the service of what really matters Compete against yourself.-Feggy Flemming 10 . for that is who is truly your best competition . not others.

power and costs 11 .A few technological trends in Electronics and Computers Engineering • • • • • • • • • • • • • Continued innovations in consumer products withy friendly human interfaces Embedded intelligence Software defined devices and systems Dynamically reconfigurable communication networks System of systems Mobile ad hoc networks For technology trends: Sensor Networks Proceedings of IEEE January issues of IEEE spectrum Alternative energy sources Subjects of Technology Conferences (e..g. weight. MILCOM) Scavenge of energy Micro sensor networks Energy efficient network protocols Multilevel security Technologies to deal with terrorist threats – – – – Detect human intentions Look through concrete walls to detect human movement Remote detection of explosive material Persistent surveillance • More functionality at reduced size.

Hardware. products are becoming more intelligent • As the product matures. firmware and glueware • Hardware continues to get better. software. 15% cost is hardware and 85% cost is software • Often products fail due to software • So software offers more opportunities • Glueware is most important in making system of systems work in the global economy 12 . and expensive • Through firmware (embedded software). lighter and cheaper • Software is getting bigger. smaller. more complex.

MBA or PhD? • Depends on our goals • Many people find satisfying careers just after BS • MS or MBA can equip us well for professional careers • PhD is required for research and university teaching • No degree guarantees lifetime employment. no matter how many turns your path takes.BS. MS. • You may have to change jobs and even careers • Lay the foundation for your journey. We need to continue learning to avoid obsolescence 13 .

both managerial and technical • Working on wrong or risky technologies • Threat from disruptive technologies • Too early or too late in the market • Wall street pressure.Careers in science and engineering have changed • Fewer full-time academic and R&D positions in – Universities. Industries. and Government labs • Global competition and outsourcing • Demand for a breadth of competencies. downsizing and limited resources • More opportunities in military and home land security We need to be more flexible and mobile for more opportunities and control over our careers 14 .

the better we can face unplanned events. Decide what you want to do and make others to pay for it. Find which role appeals to you • Ask where do you want to be after 5 years • Consider your personal values and circumstances • The more we plan our career. 15 .Evaluating possible careers • Watch people around you • People play multiple roles.

Action points • Talk to people working in the fields of your interests • Their work and how they got where they are today • How do they spend their time? • What do they find most satisfying and most disagreeable? • Does the life that they describe appeal to you? • Ask them if anything they wished they had known early in their careers. • Pursue every opportunity to gain first-hand practical experience • Go to conferences. and job fairs • Build network of friends and well-wishers • If you are in a wrong field. change it. trade shows.unknown 16 . Most of us would rather hold on to a familiar pain than trade it to unfamiliar pleasure .

learn as much technical skills as possible Work hard and smartly as best as you can Be ready to accept higher and meaningful responsibilities Periodically evaluate your career Beware of disruptive technologies and economic conditions 17 You can achieve anything if you do not care who gets credit – President Reagan .While employed: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Always respect your hiring manger Ask. if you don’t know Go an extra mile Try to work on winning and long-term projects Find team-mates or collaborators Give credit to others. They will credit you Take advantage of career development opportunities at work Be honest to yourself and others Never stop learning In the beginning.

weaknesses. • Help us think through career options and goals and develop action plans • We usually have multiple mentors • A two way street – We get advice and the mentor gets the chance to pass on wisdom 18 . opportunities and threats • A mentor in your organization is more beneficial in teaching corporate culture and valuable career moves.Find a mentor • A mentor listens to us and gives advice and objective feedback with our interests at heart • A mentor shows us the rope at the time of distress • A mentor identifies our internal strengths.

optimistic. and self-accepting • Adaptive. innovative and creative • Make full use of head. heart and hands • Self and highly motivated • Self learner. and love to do jobs at hands • Think objectively and have uncommon capacity for self instruction • Challenge the status quo • Innovators require no policing environment • They want their ideas to be heard and listened Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire. intuitive. humorous. analytic and collaborative • Articulate.Muhammad Ali 19 . strive for perfection. persevering. resilient. . and risk takers • Naturally curious. a dream. reflective.We need to be visionary. and a vision. visionary. enthusiastic. committed. and inspired • Tolerate ambiguity.

Some winning strategies • • • • • • • • • • • We are responsible for our career Don‘t count on others. change the game Be persistent. never give up Help others and others will help you Recognize your hidden strengths and weaknesses Thank others and express gratitude for their help Gratitude resonates: People who feel appreciated are more willing to help those who make them feel valued 20 . and prepare to listen ‘NO’ Build clusters and networks of friends and well wishers If unsuccessful. laws and regulations Be comfortable with yourself and project a winning image Seek and accept help graciously.

.To be mentally strong. • Spirituality is not religion which is about fear (fear of unknown) and worldly desires Nothing in life is to be feared. so long they don’t bring harm to others. and – Spiritual flexibility: tolerance for values and beliefs that are different from ours. more burden of the life is gone • We need – Spiritual strength: commitment to our deepest values regardless of circumstances or any personal sacrifices. It is to be understood.Marie Curie 21 . bring spirituality in your Life • To be fearless • To purify head and heart Spirituality: Knowing who am I? • To discover a path for self-realization or enlightenment More we know ourselves.

meditation and service to others is internal purifying • Remove jealousy. • Clean head and heart before going to sleep like cleaning teeth. – Find out the features in you and others which are definitely appreciable. if not cleaned • A varieties of agents for cleaning body. hatred and various other painful emotions and bring their opposites in your lives – Be kind to yourself and others. – Accept non-conducive situations cheerfully without reacting. complaining or blaming. 22 .Keep your head and heart clean • Anything that is used becomes dirty • Head and heart are used constantly and can be full of garbage. none for internal cleaning • A meaningful prayer.

Take a lesson from a tree • Stand Tall and proud • Sink your roots into the earth • Be content with natural beauty • Go out on a limb • Drink plenty of water • Remember your roots • Enjoy the view and your true nature 23 .

and vibrant global economy Find a mentor. the more opportunities we will have and the greater will be our control over the shape of our career 24 .term and long-term career goals Make a careful choice of your career Take advantage of dynamic. and ask if you don’t know Seek and accept help graciously Build network of friends Continue learning to avoid stagnation and obsolescence The more flexible and mobile we are.Summary • • • • • • • • Define your short.