Dexit: A Marketing Opportunity Group-5

Situation Analysis Market analysis/opportunity Revenue model Internal analysis(strength /weakness) Target market/ Segmentation Competitor’s analysis .

Smart checkouts.Smallest.7 % and 13%. Highest per capita users of ATMs & debit cards.Heaviest users of electronic payment systems       in the world. Average value of debit transaction.Retail business characterized by highfrequency. . Mondex Canada (failed twice) & Scotiabank (VisaCash) have already tested the market with latter getting success. Purchases made through credit & debit cards have high growth rates. Opportunity.Market Analysis/Opportunities  Canadians.14. low-value transactions.

 Sale of RFID tags / Dexit POS Terminals  Expected Margins.Revenue Model  Transaction fee from merchants  Usage fee from consumers.40 cents/ dollar .  Interest revenues on prepaid funds.

 Better personal budgeting. convenient electronic payment system.  Favourable market – Canada. .Strength  Easy to use .Avoids the need of Carry lose coins/ withdraw money from ATMs.Less than 3 secs for transaction.Internal Analysis.  Time Saving system.  High utility product.Highly reliable history.  RFID technology.

Weakness  Easy to lose – Mondex & Scotiabank are examples  Dexit – A greenhorn in the business  High Capital investment for Electronic systems as well as services rendered.  Security & Technical Issues. .Internal Analysis.

Comfortable with newer technologies and should be heavy users but of low value transactions. . coffee shops.  Consumers. Low & middle income classes etc  Merchants. Auto Vending machines.Consumers & Merchants.Retail stores. Grocery stores.  Ex. Stationery shops etc.Target Market/ Segmentation  Segmentation of both the concerned entities. food outlets.Students .

 However in low value transactions.Stored value payment cards.Starbucks coffee  Gifts cards by retailers.Competitor’s Analysis  Retailers who issued their own proprietary payment cards  Ex.Dexit has clear advantage due to wide variety of merchants. .

Product A key chain Processing system-secure. hassle Free and of high quality The 4Ps .

No charge initially for 1st six months from the consumers there after charge a fixed monthly fee 2.Price 1. Charge merchant differential basis Sale entire system on Profit to merchant Provide loan facility or EMI option to merchant The 4Ps .

3% >10000/day-2% .000 transactions free Thereafter charges as given below <1000/day transactions -5% 1000-5000 /day.4% 5000-10000/day.Pricing First 10.

Provide loan facility or EMI option to merchant The 4Ps . Sale entire system on Profit to merchant 4.Price 3.

Hire sales force to sell to merchants 3. Promote through all means because of new nature of service 4. Use consumer promotion . Initially push system 2.The 4Ps Promotion 1.

The 4Ps Place Launch Plan .

Launch plan Quebec Ontario British Columbia .

The 4Ps Place Launch Plan Registration on website Delivery of tags from nearest merchant .

 Thank You .

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