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Bio-smart Surgical Face Mask for Todays Challenges

Dr. Anne McIntosh

Problems with Surgical Masks

Obstruct facial expressions and lip movements Scare and stress children unnecessarily Not antibacterial and offer little protection against germs Worn by the healthy healthcare provider, not the contagious patient

Did You Know

35% of the meaning from communication is derived from the words we use 65% of the meaning comes from the nonverbal cues
- Dr. Albert Mehrabian,


We communicate better if we can see the speaker

The Solution: SafeNClear

Transparent, antibacterial facemask has wide appeal

Children prefer the transparency in the midst of the sterility of hospital, white scrubs, garbed doctors, and anxiety with their medical issue(s). Hearing-impaired patients depend on lip-reading to understand conversations and to follow verbal commands. NOTE: John Hopkins University- 1 in 5 Americans has hearing loss to the extent that communication is affected. Elderly patients prefer to see the people they are interacting with in conversations. NOTE: 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day. Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighters/EMS who have up close contact with public can benefit. Dental, Optical, and Healthcare providers will get protection.

The Solution: The SafeNClear

Transparent, antibacterial mask:



clear, polyethelyne film; 2 or more layers Treated with antibacterial and antiviral agents Perforated to ensure

SafeNClear revolutionizing healthcare

Pharmaceutical therapies such as antibiotics are becoming less effective against super-bugs; the more protection we can provide in products worn on the outside of the body, the less medication (and side effects) to deal with on the inside of the body. This mask can provide protection against bacterial and viral pathogens on contact and reduce human-to-human transmission.

Work done and new markets

American and European patent applications filed. Prototype alpha with preliminary clinical testing results. New markets not tapped include: (1) healthcare field masking the patients, (2) mass transportation industries such as: airline, subways, bus, trains, (3) enclosed populations such as daycare centers, college dorms, military installations, (4) employees exposed to public such as postal workers, mall

Moving forward.

SafeNClear is seeking capital funds to implement Phase II to commercialize SafeNClear .

Dont take chances with germs and viruses. Be smart- use SafeNClear to protect you and your family against todays germs.
Clear Communication. Advanced Protection.