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Software apps to support health and care - Supporting the app paradigm – Creating a community of interest - That's HANDI

Healthcare Apps – Maximizing Impact - Liverpool 1 Feb 2013 Ewan Davis – Director HANDIHealth Community Interest Company

HANDI Health CIC • A new not-for-profit Community Enterprise Company • There to support:
– Developers – Health and care professionals – Patients, service users and carers

Why HANDI? • Because we believe apps and the app paradigm can transform health and care

What’s an App?
• Not just about mobile • A “connected thing” • Makes heavy use of pre-existing components and services • Built using a well defined development and deployment framework • Order of magnitude(s) faster and cheaper to develop and deploy • Allows niche solutions and “fail fast”

The HANDI Vision • Giving everyone the tools they need to manage heath, care and well-being

We are here

Health and Care IT Ecosystem
User interface components (Apps)

Web Services – SMART Wrapper – ITK - API Business Services
Link to Other ESBs Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Link to Other ESBs

Ecosystem Services - Data Persistence, Knowledge, Other Services
PDS, EHR, EPR, Decision Support, Identity Management, Consent Management Choose & Book, EPS, Security Broker – Some/all could be duplicated

The Challenges • Getting apps to work together
– Interoperable – Orchestrated – Platform and form factor agile – Consistent UI

• Business Models • Quality Assurance

What will HANDI do? • Improving the ROI (social or commercial) for app developers

HANDI is agnostic • About
– Platforms – Business models – Standards – Tools, services and approaches

• Show the community the possibilities and let individuals decide

What will HANDI do? • Facilitating networking, learning, cooperation, competition and innovation

Networking and Partnerships
• Building links with all segments of the community:
– – – – – – – – Carers patients and public Health and Care Professionals App Developers Academia Industry Government NHS Investors

What Will HANDI do? • Lobby for an environment (technical, cultural and commercial) in which apps can flourish interoperate and be orchestrated

How will we do it?
• Web platform • Local clusters
– Current
• • • • • • • • • NE - Newcastle London Midlands – Birmingham West Yorks – Leeds SW – Plymouth NW Scotland Northern Ireland Wales

– Planned

• Just do it

What can we help with?
• Finding partners • App development and design – Platforms, tool, approaches • Interoperability and standards • Information governance • Legal issues • APIs • Test environments and experimentation • Business models and funding • App promotion and deployment

Join Us • • • • • Come and help us Join a local cluster Follow us @handihealth Watch #handihealth Come and talk after @handihealth

Handi Health Community Interest Company - limited by guarantee registered in England number 07999302 Registered Office: The Oakley, Kidderminster Rd, Droitwich, Worcestershire. WR9 9AY Correspondence address: PO Box 5309 Leamington Spa, CV31 9GT

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