Presented by Bernadette OWONO MBA Chairman AMAF-GABON, Coordonator Let’s Do It-GABON

 AMAF Gabon is an extension of AMAF France (French

Africa’s Friends) which can be affiliated with any national or international association that focuses its activities, in accordance with their rules and status.

 Gabon is a country of central Africa :  It area is 266 667 km² (almost 6 times that of Estonia)  The forest covers 80% of the area  It has 9 districts and the capital city is Libreville  It population is 1 534 262 people*, who are mainly located in politic (Libreville) and economic (PortGentil) cities.

 Environnement

, health and wholesomeness are priorities of the government. has been used for the creation of 14 national parks.

 This is why 13% of the area

 A Civic Day was established in july 2010 , it ‘s

happened the first Wednesday of each month  Some citizen cleaning Pongara park coast

Our Challenge
 Keep Cleanning in

order to maintain an healthy environment

 Promote Let’s Do It activities in Gabon :  Involving gabonese society in clean up actions  Helping the control collection of the garbages  Maintaining a sustainable cleanness of our streets  Helping the implementation of an efficient garbages treatment politic  Hold the next African Conference of Let’s Do It in

Gabon : ‘’Clean World Conference 2013’’ in november with the collaboration of Social and Economic Council of Gabon.

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