Milestones in the Computer History

1. Invention of the Vacuum Tube (Electron Lamb) 1930
After invention of the Vacuum Tubes, the first electronic computer was built.

Because transistor is smaller than the vacuum tube. more smaller computer was able to built. .Milestones in the Computer History 2. Invention of the Transistors. 1959 After invention of the Transistor. Also a transistor consumes less energy and can operate faster than a vacuum tubes.

IC (Electronic Chips). Invention of the Integrated Circuits. 1965 Because An Integrated Circuit is made up of the thousands of the transistors it was able to manufacture more and more smaller computers.Milestones in the Computer History 3. .

Because A Microchip is made up of the millions of the transistors it was able to be manufactured portable computers.Milestones in the Computer History 4. In year 2001 Pentium 4 has 42 millions transistors In year 2004 Pentium 4 EE 169 millions transistors . Personal Computer was able to be produced. 1971 After the invention of the Microchips. Invention of Microprocessors (Microchips).

History of the computing devices 3000 BC: People began to use abacus for calculating. .

.History of the computing devices 1670: Gottfried von Leibnitz improved Pascal’s calculator. Leibnitz’ mechanical calculator could perform four arithmetic and square root operations.

.History of the computing devices 1842: Charles Babbage made a mechanical machine called Difference engine to solve more complex problems than Leibniz's calculator.

History of the computing devices 1890: Herman Hollerith designed a computer that used punched cards. .

had over 300 vacuum tubes.History of the computing devices 1939: John Atanasoff developed the first all electronic digital computer. . The final product was the size of a desk. weighed 700 pounds. and contained a mile of wire. It could calculate about one operation every 15 seconds.

and inductors. the ENIAC filled an entire big room.History of the computing devices 1943: The first real computer.000 Vacuum tubes. When it was finished. . fifteen hundred relays and hundreds of thousands of resistors. ENIAC was made. and had over 19. consumed two hundred kilowatts of power. weighed thirty tons. capacitors.

. the UNIVAC was made.History of the computing devices 1951: The first general purpose computer.

CDC 1604 Computer .History of the computing devices 1958: The first computer fully designed with transistor was built by Seymour Cray. Control Data Corporation.

.History of the computing devices 1964: IBM made IBM 360 computer used Integrated circuit.

but switches on front panel.History of the computing devices 1975: The first Professional microcomputer (PC). NAME ALTAIR 8800 MANUFACTURER MITS TYPE Professional Computer YEAR 1975 KEYBOARD No keyboard. CPU Intel 8080A (rarely 8080) SPEED 2 MHz RAM 256 bytes ROM None TEXT MODES None GRAPHIC MODES None PRICE $595 . the Altair used microprocessor was introduced.

PC (5150) Manufacture date: 1981 CPU: Intel 8088 Register: 16 bit speed: 4.77 MHz RAM: 64 KB price: 5. First IBM PC.History of the computing devices 1981: IBM introduced its first PC.113 Euro .

History of the computing devices 1984: Apple introduced its first PC Macintosh. .

History of the computing devices .

History of the computing devices .

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