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revenuewise. Bengali. popularly referred to as “Bollywood”. etc. Tamil. Telugu. Malayalam. .  The Indian film industry comprises of a cluster of regional film industries. Kannada. it accounts for only 1 percent of global film industry revenues. like Hindi.Overview of Indian Film Industry and Market  India is the world's largest producer of films by volume producing almost a thousand films annually. The most popular among them is the Hindi film industry located in Mumbai. This makes it one of the most complex and fragmented national film industries in the world. However.

 These Bollywood films are released throughout India on both big and small screen formats. Though there have been sporadic instances of regional films. around 150 are made in Bollywood. with several of them being screened overseas as well. with the balance INR 9 billion being cornered by pirates.  It accounts for over 40 percent of the total revenues of the overall Indian film industry. virtually all films having a national audience. enjoying a national release or even an overseas release. .Boooolllllyyyyywoooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Out of the 200 Hindi films made in India each year. It is estimated that only INR 50 billion finds its way to the industry coffers. are made in Bollywood. which is currently estimated at INR 59 billion.

television and cable broadcast. posters. Internet-served etc  Then there is merchandising such as clothing. video tapes. stars. it needs to be clearly identifiable in its marketing — genre. collectible editions.The Role of 4 p’s in Movie Marketing PRODUCT  For a movie to selected by the audience on the basis of the content. leased and rented . story. CDs of the soundtrack. style all need to be presented aptly  A movie product is the intellectual property that can be ported to a variety of deliverables: theatrical exhibit. Another product dimension is that of franchise rights. endorsements. special effects. product placements and a host of offshoots that are bought and sold. DVDs. toys. non-theatrical exhibit. games.

and even the distributor. then the prices fluctuate widely.  A distribution contract can be structured in many ways that result in very different returns for the producer. a variety of pricing -. the key creative talent. percentages and order of payment ? Promotion budgets (P&A)  Pricing has become a global issue. doesn’t it? But if we look into the broader definition of the movie product just defined. But with piracy at record levels globally.The Role of 4 p’s in Movie Marketing PRICE  At any multiplex is cinema hall. Elements that are negotiated include: ? Theatrical release schedules ? Territories and market segments ? Revenue splits. . a movie ticket costs the same for all movies.strategies are being tested. The release of a DVD has always been timed to protect the theatrical revenue model.and timing -. like pricing the DVDs very cheaply.

people find venues for entertainment sales not only through traditional theatres and broadcast. non-theatrical groups. in homes. the Internet. games. rental stores. catalogues. over the Internet.The Role of 4 p’s in Movie Marketing PLACE  With the ever-inventive entrepreneurial energy in the entertainment world. Options for delivery of the movie product are exploding: movies. . sell-through stores. over phones (caller tunes). even cell phones and the latest new media gadget. music. through clubs etc. and educational content  Distribution takes place through theatres. news. but on street corners.

The Role of 4 p’s in Movie Marketing PROMOTION  Promotion is a powerful marketing tool. some consumers even market to other consumers – their family. And then. to top off this complex stew. Distributors market to exhibitors. and Internet strategists market to the end consumers. Producers create the end-product for the consumer. friends and co-workers.  They market their story to investors and distributors. but they seldom market that product directly to the consumer. . retailers and sub-distributors  The theatre exhibitors. store clerks. retailers. not only during the premier of a new product. but throughout its lifecycle.

This publicity is aimed at all the target audience in the country for creating a “buzz” about the movie At distributor level the publicity is mainly for making the target audience aware about the theatres where the movie is playing and the timings of the movies. this publicity tries to reach the audience who may not have access to cable TV or radio. Also. The media used at this level are posters. The budgets at this level are very big and the media used are teaser on TV channels and cinema halls. The star cast of the movie is also associated with publicity at this level. radio. . national magazines etc. But the scope of this is publicity is limited to the distributor’s territory. At producer level the publicity of movies is done at a large scale with a national or international scenario in consideration.Publicity Of Movies The publicity of a movie takes place at two levels: ? At producer level. The budgets allocated for such publicity are comprehensive but smaller than the budgets at producer level. ? At distributor level. local newspapers etc. hoardings.

With over 1000 films releasing in a given year. the boxoffice success. Today’s Bollywood presents a very different scenario. reviews and movie news. The mainstream advertising for movies. . to do whatever it takes to enforce that “must-watch” feeling among the masses in order to win this very competitive rat-race. targeted at the end users is done via TV. the Indian media plays a vital role in this process. interviews. all forms a part of the promotion strategies adopted by film makers.e. Trailers. "making of". all of them fighting for a common goal i. star appearances on TV shows. And yes. Actors barely promoted their films. film-makers never ventured in-front of the camera and our main stream media couldn’t care less. the multiplex domination – it has become a necessity for those involved.Different Channels Used For Movie Marketing Gone are those days when plastering a few posters on the walls and handpainted Billboard signs were the only means available for a film’s publicity. songs.

songs which are shot and included in the movie especially for the purpose of advertising the movie and pulling in crowds. Over the years trailers have been transformed into teasers. actresses and even the people behind the scenes – producers and directors on various TV shows. This provides for a free publicity channel for the film makers. They have no relation whatsoever with the movie's storyline. reality shows etc. Nowadays. like talk shows. The recent years have seen use of a special category of songs called "item songs". that give little info about the movie while buzz amongst the audience about the movie. Songs have long been used to generate interest in the movie. these item songs are shown on TV in full length just for advertisement purpose. .Different Channels Used For Movie Marketing Movie trailers form the conventional part of advertising movies via television. There is "special appearances" made by the actors.

Some Other Major Marketing Channels .

Marketing Strategy Of Ghajini: Bollywood's Biggest Blockbuster .

'Ghajini' (a revenge drama) was released and it went on to become an instant hit. who played a vital role in the promotion of the film. .The Release Of Gajini: On December 25. one of the top actors in the Hindi film industry. The success of the film was widely attributed to aggressive promotional strategies adopted by the film maker (Geetha Arts) in conjunction with the lead actor of the film. Aamir Khan(Aamir). 2008. the much-awaited Hindi film.

In addition to this. tie-ups with several well-known brands. Experts felt that the makers of Ghajini had raised the bar for film promotion in India. The distribution strategy was also unique.Promotional Strategies The promotional strategies included viral marketing. a 3D PC game based on the film was also launched. ambush marketing. multiplex promotion. and merchandising. television advertising. They felt that the rules of film promotion have changed as filmmakers were becoming more and more aggressive in their marketing strategies in their bid to ensure that the movie was viewed by the maximum number of people .

one that has the potential to become a successful business venture rather than just the box office success of the movie.Ghajini has been marketed as ‘India’s first event film’. .

6 lakh. The haircut attracted 18 hours of television coverage. translating into publicity worth Rs 129. 423 lakh worth of publicity.The Famous Haircut!!!! It all started with the buzz created around Aamir Khan’s haircut. Further TV news channels showed 31 hours of coverage translating into Rs. .

5 crore and overseas distribution rights to Big Pictures for Rs. inorder to have maximum revenue in initial weeks of curiosity. The multichannel revenue includes Indian theatre and satellite rights to Studio 18 for Rs. .Ghajini was released on 1.400 screens in India and 300 theatres outside India. Music and home video rights were given to T-Series for Rs.10 crore.8.60crore.

who together have spent Rs. UTV and Samung mobiles.In branding. Big Cinemas. Tata Sky. Incidentally Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador of Tata Sky and Samsung Mobile. Tata Indicom also played prerecorded message to all its 1 crore outbound callers advertising Ghajini in Aamir Khan’s voice. Van Heusen launched Ghajini apparels in their stores along with in-store campaigns and giant posters of Khan dressed in formal attire. Tata Indicom. while Tata Sky aired making of Ghajini. pictures and songs.14 crore in promoting the movie. tieups were done with Van Heusen. Samsung Mobile went for a repositioning and launched special Ghajini edition L700 and M200 models which had preloaded Ghajini ringtones. .

life size models and tattoo stickers for distribution. FX Labs has developed a 3-D PC console game.Big Cinemas promoted the movie by getting its 105 members of staff sporting Aamir’s hairstyle. while UTV owned Indiagames has developed five mobile based games. Many Ghajini games have been developed to take advantage of film’s craze. .

10 crore.Ghajini was released on 1.8. .5 crore and overseas distribution rights to Big Pictures for Rs. inorder to have maximum revenue in initial weeks of curiosity.400 screens in India and 300 theatres outside India. Music and home video rights were given to T-Series for Rs.60crore. The multichannel revenue includes Indian theatre and satellite rights to Studio 18 for Rs.

Solicit Reviews . Create a Concise Logline .10 Tips to Market and Promote your Film • • • • • • • • • • . Work with Sponsors . Understand Your Target Audience . Use the Internet . Utilize Free Media . Hold a Premiere . Analyze Your Hooks . Stage a Publicity Stunt . Enter Appropriate Film Festivals .

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