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Company facts
Headquarters: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Employees: Over 50,000 worldwide Financial Information: Haiers global revenue in 2005 reached 103.4 billion Average annual growth of 68% between 1984 and 2005

Every firm has some objectives and Haier firm also have objectives or motives which are: Every employee should meet his individual value. Their main focus is on their values, quality of product not on price. Main objective to satisfy customer even after sales.

Founded in 1984 and based in China, the Haier Group is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of world-class home appliances.

In the world market, Haier has gained first place in the United States for sales of compact refrigerators and wine coolers, in Iran for washing machines and Cyprus for air conditioners


The plant spreads over a vast area of 63 acres with a covered area of 0.6 million square feet including a workers colony on Raiwind Road, Lahore The roster of products to be launched immediately in Pakistan includes Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners (Window & Split), Deep Freezers and Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens and Small Appliances with Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners, Television Sets and Mobile Phones to follow shortly.

Symbolic View
The Haier group has Symbolic view because the manager is not responsible for Success & Loss

The Haier group has an weak culture, because their employees does not know anything about their rituals, tradition and stories

Dimensions of an organizational culture

Outcome orientation: This company is not outcome orientation because they not focus on outcome but they focus on quality.

People orientation: This company is not people orientation because the decision of the organization is not affect the people of the organization. Team orientation: This company has team orientation because work is organized around teams rather than individuals

Aggressiveness: This firm is not aggressive because employees are cooperative rather than aggressive and competitive. Innovation and risk taking: This organization is innovative and risk taking because employees are encourage for innovation and taking risk

Attention to detail: In this organization there is attention to detail because every employee follow a particular precision for work.

Haier group have organic design and the characteristics of organic design are as follow:Departmentalization: Haier is highly departmentalized organization because Haiers departmentalization is according to their products.

Decentralization: Haier is decentralized because decision power is given to lower and middle managers up to certain limits. Formalization: If a job is highly formalized, then the person doing that job is high discussion to what to be done? Rather when it is to be alone. Haier is low formalized

Span of control: Haier has wide span of control.

Hierarchy of Haier

STRENGTH: The strength of Haier is their brand image and their brand has a good name in the market and they created this image industrially and globally

WEAKNESS: Weakness of Haier is the manpower. Their manpower is very low. But some other factors like their strength and opportunity make them less fearful. They can overcome their weakness by putting some more efforts and making their manpower strong and efficient

OPPORTUNITY: Haier is well know brand and having ability to innovation, they can expand their business in many fields. For example Haier might go into the Detergent industry as well.

THREAT: The major threat of Haier is their rivals. They have a strong competition among their rivals because their rivals are also strong in the market like Pel, Waves and Orient etc.

BCG matrix
HIGH MARKET SHARE STARS HIGH Rapid growth and extension New venture Question LOW


Air conditio ners

Cell phones

Milk to finance question mark and star does Earns no profit and not even cover


No Dogs
break even.


Advertisement Skilled Labor Force Economical crisis Lake of awareness in people about products they are producing Haier is the Chinese brand so people hesitate to buy their product ,about Chinese product perception.

Haier has less number of skilled workers in Pakistan, so they should provide training and arrange workshops for them Advertisements can make the product more successful Haier should focus on rural areas

As we have done management analysis on Haier, it shows that Haier is well known company in the world and it gives very strong competition to its competitors and it is one of the best producers of home appliances. Although they have some weakness and threats but they are trying their level best to overcome them. They have maintained a good position by their management and they are further trying their business and facilitate their costumers.


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