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PRESENTERS: Darko Taleski – Art teacher E-mail: Sofia Grabuloska – Art teacher E-mail: Zorica Trajanoska – English Language teacher E-mail: Dragica Zdraveska - English Language teacher E-mail:

Summery • Phases of making stop motion animations in school • Example of how to use stop motion animation in the class • Multi-model of teaching and learning adaptive to more than one style of learning and teaching outcome • Achievements for students and teachers • Get involved .

This proves that stop motion animation is adaptive to all school subjects.Project description • The basic aim of the project is making stop motion animations for all school subjects in primary education (we made animations for 12 subjects). age and levels. Animations depicting themes from students everyday life were carefully planed and created to be interwoven in the school program .

Making stop motion animation 4 PHASE –Product .Active students ‘ role in the learning process.Research 3 PHASE. Students previously planned all activities and they implemented them in four phases: 2 PHASE – Preparation Making story book 1 PHASE.

1 PHASE.Research .

2 PHASE – Preparation Making story book .

3 PHASE.Making stop motion animation .

4 PHASE –Product Presentations and workshops Posting on YOUTUBE and facebook page .






Listing the things. Quizzes True / false questions Multiple choice questions Matching exercises 2.practicing structures 14. Drawing games 6. Describing scenes. Role-plays 8. oral presentation 10. Spoken activities.Multi-model of teaching and learning adaptive to more than one style of learning and teaching outcome 1 = 1. discussions. objects. people seen in the animation 4. essay 9. watching other related animations 13. Extensive reading on topics and research . Computer presentations to do with the animations 11. Writing a summary. Thinking of questions 16. objects from the animations 5. Giving /drawing/ elaboration on ideas for other animations on a given topic 12. retelling/ summarizing the story 15. Guessing games 7. Exploiting the videos (by pausing it –freezing frames ) for description and prediction. Finishing the sentences and definitions 3.

The students are involved in each step and they are highly motivated and they learn that they will reach the success only by following the instructions and cooperation. Учениците се Teachers A great opportunity for surveying project activities. Everyone accepts his/her responsibility. and different ways of making and using the animations among teachers. and the education is more successful and more creative. A detailed planning is needed for this type of animations. He presentation and the sharing the animation makes them more self confident and motivates them to do more projects.изработуваат возбудливи и интересни анимации кои се нивни авторски производ.Students The students are in the center of the creative process. The lessons and the teaching materials are personalized and they are more relevant. They are DIRECTORS and PRODUCERS – they produce exciting and interesting animations as their own authorized product. . Можност да се воспостави корелација и интеграција на повеќе наставни предмети Simple and effective use of ICT. Креирањето на анимации е многу позабавно и попредизвикувачко од вообичаени презентации. Режисери и продуценти . Одлична можност за спроведување на проектни активности A possibility to correlate and integrate several school subjects. Методските единици и наставните материјали се персонализираат и така добиваат поголема релевантност. Едноставно и ефективно користење на ИКТ Exchanging and sharing ideas. that stresses the importance of logic thinking. techniques. Споделување со многу наставници. Creating animations is funnier and more challenging than usual presentations. The Учениците се во центарот на креативниот процес. Презентирањето и споделувањето на анимацијата ја гради нивната самодоверба и ги мотивира за идни успешни проекти. Потребно е детално планирање за вакви анимации што ја потенцира важноста на логичкото размилување. а едукацијата е поуспешна и покреативна.

com/funeducation stopmotionanimation .Get involved http://www.wikispaces.

Project will be presented on the Microsoft Partners in Learning GLOBAL FORUM 2012 in Prague 28 November – 1 December .

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