United Methodist Women Legislative Conference January 28, 2013 Miryam Bujanda, MPA

Faith-based Non-Profit Organization
Covenant relationship with SWT Conference, United Methodist Church

Various programs and services

Serving Humanity to Honor God

Advocating for health care and social service issues for the least served

Percent of Population that is Uninsured


25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Texas U.S.

Affordable Care Act

Increase Quality Decrease Costs Preventive Services

1.Everyone insured 2.Health Insurance Exchange 3.Medicaid Extension

Supreme Court Ruling ACA:

Medicaid Expansion


Budget is Policy Medicaid Extension

Budget is Policy
Medicaid Extension Adults! $15,400/yr

Budget is Policy
Medicaid Adults!
$25,000/yr Family of 3 $37,274/yr Family of 5 Feds pay 100% X 3 years

SMART + AFFORDABLE + FAIR = Medicaid Extension


Medicaid Extension

SMART– Increases TX
insured rate

Affordable-$9 for $1 Adults
$1.5B = $9B

Fair- Relief of $4B local

Another look at federal funds versus state funds—most of the state funds are actually needed to cover kids who should already be enrolled.

UMW Unite Voice issues Your experience

Transforming individual/group mindset

Legacy, ’03 Medicaid/CHIP Cuts

Miryam Bujanda, MPA


$4B local

• Here are all three enrollment scenarios for the whole state, including kids. Look at the “bottom line”— literally—for how many Texans will gain insurance.

• Here’s what the numbers look like for one region of the state

• At the county level, you can see that there are typically 3 types of taxpayer spending: County Indigent Health, jail, and hospital district. • Some counties don’t have a hospital, so hospital charity costs are harder to apportion by county.

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