Tenses - summary

Time words

I work in this office all this year / all the time. Are you studying French for long / at the moment? I am not making much money these days / so far this year. The food tastes worse now / usually. You’ve put too much salt. We normally / forever get in touch with customers by post.

7. Pete was ill but he’s getting over his illness currently / now. 8. I am feeling ratjer run down lately / at present, doctor. 9. I always stay on duty since / until six o’clock. 10. People continually / traditionally have Christmas trees at Christmas. 11. Fortunately the baby now / recently sleeps all night.

12. I’ll be back after a few minutes / in a few minutes. 13. I’m sure everything will be all right at the end / in the end. 14. Please call me the moment / exactly when you hear any news. 15. I should be back by the time / at the time the film begins. 16. I’m sure Fiona will be here before long / after a while.

17. I can’t leave on Tuesday. I won’t be ready until then / by then. 18. By twenty four hours / this sime tomorrow I’ll be in Malta. 19. Diana will be retiring soon / already. 20. There will be no official announcements forthwith / from now on. 21. Bye for now. I’ll see you in two weeks’ time / two weeks later.

22. Once / Afterwards I’d read the manual, I found I could use the computer quite well. 23. It was more than a month before / until I realised what had happened. 24. I managed to talk to CArol just as / while she was leaving. 25. It wasn’t until / up to 1983 that Nigel could afford to take holidays abroad. 26. George always let me know by the time / whenever he was going to be late. 27. I was having a bath at the time / that time, so I didn’t hear the doorbell.

28. We bought our tickets and five minutes after / later the train arrived. 29. According to Grandpa, people used to dress formally those days / in his day. 30. Everyone was talking but stopped at the time / the moment Mr Smith entered the room. 31. The letter still hadn’t arrived by / until the end of the week.

Decide whether the tense highlited is suitable or not in the context given
The train ground to a halt at a small station miles from London, and it became apparent that the engine had broken down. Everyone was getting their cases down form the luggage racks, and we were waiting on the platform in the freezing wind for hours until the next train had turned up.

The other strange thing about our neighbour Mrs Black was that she would never go out if it was raining. She used to look up at the sky whenever it was getting cloudy, and as soon as even the smallest drop of rain was falling she had scuttled back into her house and was locking herself in the bedroom.

Inspector Gorse was in touch with Thames Valley Police six months before Professor Dowson was disappearing, because the Professor’s wife Jean would write to him, accusing her husband of plotting to murder her. And now it was the Professor who disappeared. Gorse considered what his next step should be when the phone rang. It was Sergeant Adams from Thames Valley. A fisherman discovered a body in the Thames near Reading, and it fitted the description of the Professor.

Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

It’s a long time since I last went to a football match. I haven’t … This is my second visit to Hungary. This is the second time … I paid this bill earlier, actually. Actually, I have … We haven’t been swimming for ages. It’s ages … Mary started French five years ago. Mary has …

6. I am on the tenth page of the letter I am writing. So far I … 7. After I arrived here, I started to feel better. Since arriving here, … 8. It’s over twenty years since we got married. We have … 9. The last time I saw Dick was in 2001. I haven’t … 10. There is a definite improvement in your work. Lately your work … 11. This matter is none of your business. This matter does …

12. This bridge will take us three years to complete. In three years time we … 13. Patsy wasn’t always so unfriendly. Patsy didn’t … 14. We’ll at your house soon. It won’t … 15. I haven’t seen Anne for years. It’s years … 16. The dog keeps stealing my socks! The dog is … 17. After taking the pills, I began to feel much better. Since taking …

18. We’ll have to leave immediately at the end of the film. The moment … 19. Harry left before we reached the hotel. By the time … 20. Is there such a place as Eldorado? Does … 21. The last time I was in Paris was in 2003. I haven’t … 22. This will be the team’s first match outside England. This will be the first time … 23. Terry will get over his illness. Then his work will improve. Once …

24. There will be someone to meet you on arrival. When … 25. The number of people who attended the fair exceeded our expectations. More people … 26. I didn’t receive the results of my tests for a month. It was … 27. My work won’t be finished by the end of the month. I … 28. Go to the international ticket desk immediately on arrival. As … 29. I didn’t know about John’s departure. I didn’t know that …

30. Quite a few books are missing from the class library. Severel members of the class have not … 31. There’s a party at Mary’s house next week. Next week … 32. I started working here three years ago. I have … 33. Our meeting is tomorrow. We … 34. I haven’t had a Chinese meal for ages … 35. David went home before we arrived. When we …

Rewrite the sentences using the word given.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

You have missed the beginning of the film. HAS I can’t seem to stop sneezing lately. BEEN Paul is different from what he used to be. HAS This has been my home for 30 years. HAVE Eating Chinese food is new to me. BEFORE

6. Is there any news? HAPPENED 7. I bought my car in 1999 and I am still driving it. BEEN 8. I don’t know where my keys are. HAVE 9. Sue doesn’t have her dictionary with her, it’s at home. HAS 10. Tony hasn’t been to Paris before. FIRST 11. When is the train due to arrive? GET

12. I sholudn’t think Paul knows the answer. DOUBT 13. I’ve had to wait all afternoon. BEEN 14. To get to work on time I have to get up at 6.00. MEANS 15. Today is Liz and John’s 30th wedding anniversary. FOR 16. BY the end of the week, Harry was well again. GOT 17. Whose watch it this? BELONG

18. Cathy hasn’t been on holiday with her sister before. FIRST 19. My dentist’s appointment is for next Wednesday. TO 20. Brenda has no idea of her next move. WHAT 21. Jack left the office before I arrived there. ALREADY 22. Do you know how to drive this kind of car? EVER? 23. This is my first visit to Scotland. I 24. During dinner, the phone rang. I

25. Do you have any plans for Saturday evening? DOING 26. Is this car yours? YOU 27. Look at these black clouds! The rain is on the way. TO 28. Our 25th wedding anniversaty is at the end of next year. FOR 29. I haven’t been to the cinema for two month’s. TIME 30. Charles and his father are exactly alike. LOOKS

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