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A Reflection…
“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.”
Charles F. Kettering


Holland (1985) created the Holland Code Career Model which assesses various personality types and matches them to interest clusters. 2/5/13 .The RIASEC Dr John L. work personality environments and job categories.

practical. 2/5/13 . determined. focused.Realistic (Doer)Personality You tend to be frank. mechanical. You like dealing with objects.

Realistic (Doer).Interests and Abilities Manipulating tools Doing mechanical or manual tasks Doing athletic activities Getting straight to the point in interactions with others 2/5/13 .

Optician 2/5/13 . Medical Technician. Policemen. Optician. Archivist.Career Types Physical Education Teacher. Mechanical Engineer.. Fire Fighter. Fitness Trainer.  Accountant Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerk Administrative Assistant Craftsman.Realistic (Doer).

independent. You like finding answers to questions independently. 2/5/13 . intellectual.Investigative (Thinker)Personality You tend to be analytical. reserved and curious.

Investigative (Thinker)Interests and Ability Working with abstract ideas and intellectual problems Being motivated to know the reasons behind phenomena and decisions Working independently 2/5/13 .

Medical Technologist 2/5/13 . Clinical Psychologist. Chemist. Dentist Dialysis Technician. Economist. Doctor.Investigative (Thinker)CareerInformation Manager Types Computer Mathematician Historian Market Research Analyst Biologist. Researcher.

independent. expressive. unconventional. 2/5/13 . and creative. impulsive.Artistic (Creator)Personality You tend to be original. You enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Artistic (Creator)Interests and Ability creatively Expressing ideas and emotions Appreciating aesthetic qualities Thinking “outside the box” 2/5/13 .

Landscape Architect. Writer. Television Programmer. Artist. Designer. Web Page Designer. Musician.Artistic (Creator)-Career Types Kindergarten Teacher. Public Relations Specialist. Actor/ Actress. Advertising Manager 2/5/13 . Photographer. Technical Writer.

friendly. sociable. generous. tactful.Social (Helper)Personality You tend to be helpful. cooperative. You like interacting and working with people. kind. patient and understanding. 2/5/13 . warm.

Social (Helper)Interests and Ability Interacting with people Being compassionate and generous towards other people’s needs Networking to gather information and solve problems 2/5/13 .

Social (Helper). Coach. Corporate Trainer . Social Worker 2/5/13 Teacher . Occupational Therapist.Career Types Hotel and Restaurant Management. Representative. Physical Therapist Nurse. Tourism Customer Service Counselor. Child Care Worker.

Enterprising (Persuader)Personality You tend to be adventurous. optimistic. agreeable. You prefer dealing and leading groups of people. energetic. 2/5/13 . extroverted. ambitious.

Enterprising (Persuader)Interests and Ability Leading and managing groups of people Organizing and planning Persuading and promoting ideas and products Leading a team to achieve goal 2/5/13 .

Special Events Marketer. Sales Agent. Investments Manager. Advertising Manager. Coach. Human Resources Director.Enterprising (Persuader)Career Types Business Executive. Financial Counselor 2/5/13 . Sales Representative. Economist.

conservative.Conventional (Organizer)Personality You tend to be careful. structured. and orderly. You like organizing with data and things 2/5/13 . conforming. conscientious. efficient. selfcontrolled.

Conventional (Organizer)Interests and Ability Paying keen attention to detail Organizing and controlling data Having a clear and structured plan for tasks and details 2/5/13 .

Archivist.Conventional (Organizer)Career Types Accounting Database Administrator. Librarian. by . Archaeologist. Proof Reader Air Traffic Controller. Meteorologist. Workforce Manager Source: The Ultimate Student Career Guide 2/5/13 the IBM Recruitment Team. Aircraft Engineer.

.The Time to begin is NOW! How will you decide what They're going to do…. WHEN THEY GROW UP… AND HOW WILL THEY GET There??? 2/5/13 .

Tell your child: “MAKE YOUR PASSION YOUR PROFESSION” 2/5/13 .

Thank You for Listening IN CHRIST THE KING! 2/5/13 .

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