Fixed-value resistor

Constant-voltage source

Single-cell battery

Fixed-value capacitor

 
Multiple-cell battery

Variable resistor Constant-current source

Electrolytic capacitor

Circuit protectors

Variable capacitor

Earth ground Circuit breaker Voltage-sensitive resistor (varistor) Chassis or frame connection AC oscillator source

Piezoelectric crystal


DC type Microphone Neon lamp. AC type Rectangular waveguide Transformer (ferrite core) Flexible waveguide Amplifiers Fluorescent lamp Two-terminal Single-ended amplifier Twisted waveguide Shielded transformer .Lamps Incandescent lamp Inductors Fixed-value inductors Differential amplifier (or comparator) Transformers Transformer (air core)  Fixed-value inductors Signal lamp With magnetic core  Norton (current) amplifier variable inductors   Flashing signal lamp Waveguide Audio devices Loudspeaker Circular waveguide Transformer (iron core) Neon lamp.

Cable Two-conductor cable with grounded shield Contacts Fixed relay contact Break-before-make contact assembly Switches Single-pole singlethrow (spst) Fixed switch contact Coaxial cable with grounded shield Monostable multivibrator Monostable(single-shot. normally open  Stripline Unbalanced stripline Open contact Push-button switch. normally closed Schmitt trigger Make-before-break contact assembly General Multiposition switch Unbalanced stripline . locking Double-pole doublethrow (dpdt) Twisted pair P Moving Single-pole doublethrow (spdt) 1 Moving contact. nonlocking SS Closed contact Phase shifters Matched phase shifter Push-button switch.

make) Band-reject filter 3 4 Coupling by loop4  to space Fixed-direction circulator Coupling by loop to guided transmission path From D. spst normally open (make) Bandpass filter Stripline hybrid junction  4  4  4 Dual directional coupler Low-pass filter From B. with DC grounds connected Mode suppressor for both coaxial and waveguide transmission H E .Relays From A. spst (break. spst (break. spst normally closed (make) High-pass filter From C. make) Reversible-direction circulator Microwave circuits Filters Mode filter Waveguide hybrid junction Coupling by loop from coaxial to circular waveguide.

Diodes Rectifier (junction) diode A A K K Varactor (variablecapacitance) diode Tunnelrectifier (backward) diode A K A K Multiple-emitter npn transistor C E E E E Zener (undirectional breakdown) diode A A A Bidirectional breakdown diode A K A K K K P-i-n diode A K K Schottky (hot-carrier) diode A K npn Darlington C transistor B B A K E A K npn Schottky transistor C Transistors Constant-current (field-effect) diode A Tunnel diode A K Gunn diode. charge-storage) diode E PNP transistor C B E B E C B1 K A K . also impatt diode A K NPN transistor C B E B E B E C Unijunction transistor (UJT) with n-type base B2 Step-recovery(snap.

also SCR with n-type base Silicon-controlled switch(SCS) A G K A G1 K Field-effect Transistors(FETs) N-channel P-channel Junction-gate (JFET) D G D Three-terminal depletiontype IGFET.Unijunction transistor (UJT) with p-type base E B2 B1 Silicon-controlled rectifier(SCR) G A K Three-terminal depletionTriac(grated bidirectional switch) type insulated-gate (IGFET) G G D D G S T T S Programable unijunction transistor (PUT). Shockley) diode Diac(bidirectional switch) T A K T T T T T D G S A K D G S Four-terminal enhancement-type IGFET D G B S G D B S . substrate tied to source D G S G D S G2 G S S Four-terminal depletiontype IGFET D G S B G D B S Thyristors Four-layer (pnpn.

no base connection C With phototransistor output. with common cathode Optoelectronic diodes Light-emitting diode(LED) A A K A With phototransistor output. no base connection A A Photodiode K Phototransistors Npn phototransistor. with base connection C G2 G1 T T B E Pnp bidirectional photodiode(photo-duo-diode) Five-terminal dual-gate enhancement-type IGFET D G2 G1 B S G2 G1 D B S T T Optically coupled isolators With photodiode output Pnp two-segment photodiode. with common cathode A A Pnp four-quadrant photodiode.Five-terminal dual-gate depletion-type IGFET G2 G1 D B S Npn bidirectional photodiode(photo-duo-diode) D B S Npn phototransistor. and base connection A K E .

negated output T J-K flip-flop Q FF S Q   Kvi VCVS KVIN Gate 1 1 J C FF K J Q C FF K Q KIi CCCS . negated output Exclusive-OR gate 1 & & Transcomductance amplifier  Inverter gate 1 With photo-Darlington output. negated input D-type flip-flop D 1 D FF C 1 Q FF CL Q & & Voltage amplifier With photo-Darlington output. and base NAND gate. no base Dual-input multiple-input AND gate NOR gate.With photo-Darlington output. and base NAND gate. negated input  Ag FLIP-FLOPS & & Transresistance amplifier  R-S (set-reset) flip-flop  Ar OR gate With NAND-gate-photo detector output R S FF R Q FF S Q Current amplifier  1 1 Toggle-flip-flop  Ai FF R NOR gate.

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