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MSc Logistics 2005

PGDBA 1971

BSc 1966

All-round experience of 37 years in Logistics industry. comprising of 20 years in the aviation industry and 17 years in the shipping industry. of which almost 18 years was in Singapore .




Manager Madras airport 1984 Reservations manager 1979 Country Manager Singapore 1987 Management trainee 1971 .

STRAITS SHIP SERVICES PTE LTD Singapore Director and Strategy adviser Was admitted as Chartered Fellow – FCILT BY .


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Course Objectives This course helps students specializing in Marketing to focus on specific areas in marketing and work towards formulating a Marketing Strategy for success. To create an understanding as to: •What is Marketing strategy and its scope? •How is Marketing changing? •How to make Marketing Plans successful? .

You will have a better awareness of the strategic and tactical decisions of today’s top performing marketing organizations.Performance objective 1. . At the end of this course you should be in better position to understand marketing problems and will learn to leverage marketing analysis for enhancing your marketing mix decisions. 2.

Marketing Strategy: A Decision Focused Approach by Orville C. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 13 edition . Walker John Mullins Harper W.Main reference book 1. Boyd. Jr. Tata Mcgraw hill 2.

.Course delivery 1. class discussions and cases 2. lectures. There will be an assignment on new product/service launch and a marketing plan presentation. Mostly case discussions. 3. Students will be forming groupts and make presentations 4.

Evaluation criteria

Assignments/Quiz 30 Marks Midterm examination 30 Marks Final examination 40 Marks --------------------------------------------------Total 100 Marks

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New information ecosystem: Then and Now Industrial Age Info was: Scarce Expensive Institutionally oriented Information Age Info is: Abundant Cheap Personally oriented Designed for consumption Designed for participation .

stationary connections built around my computer 74% of adults use internet 58% with broadband at home 85% own a cell phone 72% connect to internet wirelessly >73% use “cloud” = fast.The internet is the asteroid: Then and now 2000 2011 46% of adults use internet 5% with broadband at home 50% own a cell phone 0% connect to internet wirelessly <10% use “cloud” = slow. mobile connections built around outside servers and storage (US statistics) .

The “Old” Purchase Funnel .

The New Purchase Funnel Decision Process is •Non-linear •Dynamic •Influenced by multiple sources .

What Does It Mean to Marketers? • The decision-making process has become more complex. • Marketers need to know what kind of touch points are relevant to influence people in which phase of the process and how these efforts play together in an optimal way. marketers need for the information delivered to be relevant. . dynamic and its phases interdependent • More importantly.

new markets and new values. .The greatest challenge Management should change fast enough to keep pace with new technology. Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of us.

•Higher “Psychological Deficits” •Disconnecting and exiting customers •Consumers are increasingly “time and effort starved” •Virtual and E-shopping behaviour . . .Consumer Behaviour – A new Look .

Mobile apps & mobile browsing services that bring information and are easily will take the cake! . entertainment.MOBILITY “On-the-go” consumers want information. services at the tip of their fingers. wherever they are.

TOUCH & FEEL Touch and motion now guides status and aspiration amongst consumers. Touch & motion do not have to end with smartphones and tablets but screen culture can permeate restaurant experiences. . It’s a key symbol of coolness and social “arrival” that can’t be ignored. teleconferencing. in-store and point-of sale display. office presentation.

making these items even more prominent in daily lifestyle. deals. and debit cards. This opens up new avenues for rewards. & data collection. mobile banking. 2012 will bring about increasing familiarity with mobile payments. more enphasis on e-commerce and e-payments.CASHLESS consumers move to their ATMs. .

App developers and bloggers can create value and generate a sustainable income from the comfort of their homes! quitting their jobs. .BETTER ON MY OWN Increasing access to social and new media means there’s more direct access to consumers and to providing the product/service they want.

. Low income consumers know where the shoe pinches but will save all year for that special birthday meal at a budget restaurant. this may mean foregoing vacation and opting for budget holidays and frugal spending.RECESSION FATIGUE For middle-class earners.

Consumer Spending changing… • Consumers still willing to buy latest techno equipment (iPads. and iPods and several wow!s) • But they’ve learned during the recession how to negotiate their own price for many commodities • Are aware that greater price transparency through search engines mean greater bargaining power! .


New age marketing •Better understanding of what’s going on inside the customer head? •A new mind set • More of Neuro Marketing New connections? How to create and maintain an emotional relationship with customers? .

social marketing and much more to reach out to a customer in every possible manner .The new marketing world consists of mobile sites.

FOCUS Customer Retention and Loyalty > Customer Aquisition < .

Personalised Technology that can engage customer with a brand Technology which aims at personalizing the customer’s engagement with a brand will take the forefront .

com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQnL8HYDNjMdSLl0gcT6MaUY_-4rYLxjrsLpVTe2-iQnARza9p-&t=1 .gstatic.Intelligent Data integration for effective business decisions http://t3.

com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Business+Plans1-199x300.biohealthpartners.? ? ? Market segmentation has become schizophrenic to understand “what your customer wants?” http://www.jpg .

making it a viable channel for marketers to effectively communicate with a customer .com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/mobile-marketing-trends-2011.jpg Mobile marketing explodes with escalating smartphone adoption.http://keenandijon.

jpg .Marketing analytics are red hot to identify.boundscheck. analyze and describe constantly changing marketing patterns

JPG .in/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/customer_satisfaction.slipguard.Multichannel marketers have to do more than allocating sales to efficient customer interaction and their satisfaction http://www.160100013_std.

net/files/2010/11/geo-targeting.Geo-targeting and localized marketing will become a top priority http://linkbuilding.jpg .

mobile marketing and online reputation management are rapidly gaining grounds. . value and brand transparency is as vital today as it was last year. • However.• The need for trust. • This has made the marketers to modify their strategies to outshine their competitors. the current shift to geo-targeting.

The Development of Technology: From Knowledge Generation to Diffusion IMITATION Supply side Basic Knowledge Invention Innovation Diffusion Demand side ADOPTION .

The Development of Technology: Lags Between Knowledge Generation and Commercialization is narrowing consistently BASIC FIRST KNOWLEDGE PATENTS Xerography late 19th and early 20th centuries 17th-.early 20th centuries 1960’s 1940 PRODUCT LAUNCH 1958 IMITATION 1974 Jet Engines Fuzzy logic controllers 1930 1981 1957 1987 1959 1988 .

. • Addiction to Facebook.Twitter.000 new apps for iPhone alone.Technology love-affair drives applications & consumer activity • The mobile market is exploding (100. digital messaging. photo/video sharing fuels our perceived need for new devices. at beginning of 2010).

mobile bank and finally a phone too. social hangout. camera. . m-coupons and m-loyalty will increase manifold.Mobile is everything for the customer A mobile phone or its wiser cousin ‘the smart phone’ is the customers wallet. computer. Use of location based services. a gaming device.


World ICT Market Trend Virtual Era Internet Era 2010 PC& Client Mini Computing Mainframe 1980 1990 1960 1950 Source: Dell Summit 2011 .


The world is preparing for post PC Era PC desktops will be getting fossilized soon as “museum pieces” .

2011 .

Video. Trial Memberships… Which serve for list-building for emails… To build reputations & followers. individuals are exploiting unlimited reach of the web: Using Give-aways.New Entrepreneur Explosion • On a micro-scale. & Slide presentations. Contests. Whitepapers. Webinars. usually with the end-goal of selling… .

Revolutionary media shifts… • Continued collapse of print medium… – Case in point: Reed Business Information shuttered 23 magazine titles in single day in April! *source: BtoB online. May 2010 .

making megalithic influencer entities Microsoft allignment with Yahoo Google purchased YouTube Twitter purchased Cloudhopper Google rumored to purchase Twitter ? . Consolidation & merger of media sources continues.Media shifts… • Acquisitions.

5B in advertising revenues in 2008” March 29. newspaper industry lost $7. 2009 “U.S. 2009 “Seattle PostIntelligencer to Stop Printing Newspapers” March 16. 2009 “Newspapers run the risk of unending losses” – Warren Buffett May 6. 2009 “The beginning of 2009 saw the greatest decline in newspaper profitability in U. 2009 .S. Publisher Says” June 3. 2009 “Boston Globe Not Viable With Current Losses. history” August.These difficult times for newspapers continues “News Corp announces 97% drop in newspaper profits” May 7.

Companies are Monetizing Subscriber Base By Creating An Interactive Community Subscribers participating in an on-line community drive higher number of page views than traditional on-line newspapers. This leads to increased profits via: • • • • • Sale of banner ads Video advertising Rich media Sponsoring Polls combined with the SMS voting to generate new revenue streams .


sophisticated websites to compete against larger ones .Biz-use of the web & mobile for greater efficiencies: • Discovering Cloud-computing and Using more virtual tradeshows • Rolling out webinars on new products & services • Customer interactivity reinforces consumer engagement & loyalty • Smaller businesses deploy robust.

.E-commerce companies looking at coalition partnerships Specialized ‘Coalition Loyalty Programs’ addressing specific customer groups based on socials levels. activities and interests will emerge.

B2B Marketing Trends • Content Marketing –Create content that your prospects perceive as valuable across each stage of their buying cycle. and always update the content. brand awareness. • Syndicate that content to support thought leadership. . and inquiry generation. • At the end of the day it’s about content.

Social Media Engagement is MUST The proliferation of information. . inventive methods of reach and ease of connect would make Social Media impossible to ignore.

• Traditional media has contracted • Everything becomes digital media • Companies must be their own media – Website – Blogs – White papers – Flikr – Facebook – Twitter .

” Aberdeen Research … but stimulates a more balanced approach.Growing success of interactive marketing… “Modern marketing is a two-way conversation that utilizes traditional.” Currency Marketing “There is a trend from traditional media toward online marketing activities that allow for customer behavior tracking and concrete metrics. digital and social mediums to connect with existing and potential members. where traditional supports interactive Traditional Marketing Supports Interactive Marketing 67 .

BRAND DIRECT MARKETING RESPONSE .This is a new dimension of marketing and it cannot be ignored anymore.

Practicing SIM produced measurable business results .com . Revenue increased during the course of the effort @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.

com .Do you need more of a justification for SIM? Pepsi using social instead of the Super Bowl ads for marketing purposes @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.

com .Once a upon a time Best Buy only advertised like this. The way many other companies continue to advertise @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.

com . Barry Judge and other members of his team @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.But then it started developing SIM Voices starting with the CMO.

com .Now they’ve taken their whole brand social – social influence marketing voices are the face of their brand across every channel and platform @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.

3 Brand Voice Social Voice Social Brand Where are you on this continuum? Where do you need to be? @shivsingh .

3 Your Brand Your Community Your Community Your Brand Community now becomes the core @shivsingh .

2010! Twitter now wants to “monetize” or cash-in with new ad platform. Red Bull.Promoted Tweets (Being tested by Best Buy. Sony Pictures. aka The Design Superhero) .Twitter grows… • Twitter saw well over 1 BILLION Tweets in Jan. Starbucks & Virgin America) The incredible growing Twitterbird (graphic from Aravind Ajith . . But what are they about? @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.000.000 That’s the number of tweets a day.

(earthquake and tsunami in Japan) . Tweets sent on March 11.Tweet statistics 50 million. Tweets per second (TPS) when Michael Jackson died on June 25. 2011. one year ago. 456. The average number of Tweets people sent per day. 177 million. 2009 (a record at that time).

Here’s research from the auto space @shivsingh .Marketing today is about influence.

CATEGORY AUTOS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS HOTELS Recommended their purchase to a friend 67% 83% 59% At least one friend purchased the recommended brand 14% 21% 15% Source: Yahoo! Advocacy Research.even for such a personal ..Social influencing matters in the car industry More than 20% of car recommendations by influencers are followed… ……. @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.

As a new car is a key conversation topic Connected consumers will tell 20 PEOPLE on average.1 @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow. How many people did you tell about your purchase? AUTOS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS HOTELS 20.7 11.3 Source: Yahoo! Advocacy Research. .


The point is you’re never going to buy a car again . You’re influencing and are being influenced everyday This applies to all other buys @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.


Experience Rewards The new age customer selection More Customers would want their points and rewards to be redeemed for experiences (movies. luxury holidays etc) rather than products . events. spa.

Privileges will win over discounts The importance of Freebies and offers will continue to dictate but it’s popularity might take a rude check. Barrage of discounts and offers for customer acquisition will not please the loyal customers. . Privileges will win them over instead. The same would have to be used cleverly and with guile.


Firms Do a Re-Org… • Re-organization of companies. Social Media specialists. • Reshuffling & renaming departments internally continues. continuing integration of Sales & Marketing. • Services like PR and advertising becoming obsolete. • “Flattened” levels of large companies & their functions are outsourced abroad or subcontracted to specialist providers. . replaced by multipurpose web & creative agencies. like CRM solutions. etc.

representing marketing & technology.Companies are re-thinking C-suite responsibilities: • Microsoft recently named a CCO (Chief Creative Officer) & CSO (Chief Strategy Officer). • Kodak created a CLO (Chief Listening Officer) post. • Chief Networking Officer (CNO) & Chief Branding Officers are other new C-level roles. . sitting at the table with the CMO & CTO.

• Emergence of new analytics to help.Firms Do a Re-Org… • More money spent on segmented email campaigns. • Marketing function now required to deliver solid tracking results. such as length of customer engagement over time.g. which can analyze everything from product names and industry jargon to slang and emoticons. . e.. IBM’s new Social Media Analytics Tool.

Firms Do a Re-Org… – Twitter. Face book etc fuel a social “insatiability complex” – Consumers are getting increasingly influenced on the net. – Companies keep an “ear to the ground” & expected to respond in real time .

• “Remarketing” allows advertisers to target users already engaged with brands through prior website visits. .Marketing is changing… • Paid placement will be more targeted and entertaining.

. yet designers will need to keep positioning of key features constant. as visitors seek the novel. • Another bonus for frequent updates: Google started incorporating real-time listings in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). too… • Websites content changes will need to be more frequent.Website content changing.







combined with Stichting Marketing/THoM 2009 YMS Survey . less spend per buyer Large increase TV market not heavily down Probable status quo Serious cut Serious cut Serious cut Source: UBA/Profacts February 2009 Survey.) Event marketing Sponsoring Overall media budget # of companies planning to use the selected medium more Evolution of share in total media budget of the selected medium Conclusion More buyers.The media mix has clear winners and losers Direct marketing Email marketing Traditional TV POS Print (Press/ Mag.


thom. Marketers need to be June 2009 Not for publication without prior written consent . Consumers keep evolving and engaging 2.Marketers must balance and manage various pressures – Draft – Consumer engagement and experience Understand change and evaluate performance and impact Deliver customer value Marketers’ role redefined Leverage all information and analysis Constantly Differentiate Develop innovative and sustainable offerings 1. Online integration. marketing analytics and customer value 3. innovative and sustainable © The House of Marketing www.

there will be social norms and legal barriers that will dampen out the worst excesses. University of California-Berkeley and Google . However.2020 The future of privacy: “Privacy is a thing of the past.” Hal Varian.Some futuristic thinking . Technologically it is obsolete.

every newborn child in industrialized countries will be implanted with an RFID or similar chip.Some futuristic thinking . Ostensibly providing important personal and medical data. these may also be used for tracking and surveillance.” Michael Dahan. a professor at Sapir Academic College in Israel .2020 “Before 2020.

evolve rapidly. sometime after 2020 our machines will become intelligent.2020 The evolution of smart machines: “Fear of enslavement by our creations is an old fear. forecaster and director of The Institute for the Future . and end up treating us as pets.Some futuristic thinking . Paul Saffo.

static.jpg .flickr. privacy issues won’t be going away anytime soon marketing becomes more social and mobile.

Google is working on face-image recognition + search record data + location data Is privacy a ? 107 .

Convert your phone into a magic wand Google believes near field communication (NFC) is the future of mobile. At present only Android 2. NFC Contactless mobile payment services will be a key lifestyle driver for our highly mobile. international and increasingly urban customer 108 .3 supports it..

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