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Human Dignity

L:O To be able to express what is meant by the term Human Dignity To identify why not all people are treated with dignity.

Treating everyone with Dignity.

The following two pictures show Think: the Catholic church accused how SUSPECTED terrorists were American soldiers of not respecting treated in Guantanamo bay (a prisoners dignity. Discuss with your partners what off the Cuban coast) U.S prison you think the word dignity

Vatican slams Guantanamo Do you think everyone Bay, prison, accusing it of (including these failing to respect human prisioners) deserves dignity in its treatment of dignity? prisoners (May 2011)

Compare and contrast the following pictures of German Jews before and after the war
German Nazis stripped Jewish people of their dignity throughout the war. What do think the word dignity means? I think dignity is______________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Looking at the pictures of Jewish people before and after the war, and using your own knowledge, finish the sentence:

I think Nazis stripped Jewish people of their dignity by__________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________

Glossary of keywords
Human Dignity- treating all human beings with respect regardless of race, sex or social position.

Religion and Human Rights

One of the main beliefs in all religions is that humans are all entitled to human dignity and human rights. The declaration of human rights was produced by the UN in 1948. List the rights you think we have.
Pause after 42 seconds
Write down your definition of Human Rights, Share with your partner and combine your definitions.

Glossary of keywords
Human Dignity- treating all human beings with respect regardless of race, sex or social position. Human rights- rights to the basic things we need in life in order to exist.

Study the picture carefully, circle any human rights abuses that you see. Make a list of these abuses in your book. Pick a few and describe how someone's dignity can be affected in these examples

Amnesty: Demand Dignity Campaign

Amnesty Internationals Demand Dignity campaign aims to end global poverty by working to strengthen recognition and protection of the rights of the poor.
This is a campaign about all rights. It is the combined abuse of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that drives and deepens poverty. By demanding dignity Amnesty are demanding that all states adopt and implement the laws, policies and practices that will end deprivation, insecurity and exclusion.

Watch the following clip promoting the Amnesty Demand Dignity campaign.
In your books 1. List the human rights issues that Amnesty are trying to make us aware of. 2. What is amnesty suggesting we do to demand dignity?

Amnesty through the demand dignity campaign urges people to protest for human dignity.
Various protest movements have wore masks during their protests. Why do you think they do this?

Mask Protest: Task

1. Search through your newspapers and look for examples of articles which show examples of human rights issues where someone's dignity has been taken away from them.

2. Once you have found your articles cut them out and make a collage of stories on your mask. 3. Think of all the keywords we have learnt about linked to human rights and dignity and write them on your mask.

All humans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? show that you have looked at more than one point of view and gave religious opinion.

I agree/disagree with this statement because__________________________ Some people would disagree with my opinion because___________________

Religious believers such as Christians would agree with this statement because

Points to remember