Mohua Banerjee

 Advertisers (clients)  Advertising agency

 Media organizations
 MC specialist organizations  Provider of collateral services

 Have the products/services/causes to be marketed Provide the funds for advertising & promotions    Develop the marketing program Perform activities through own advertising department or outside advertisement agency  Make final decisions regarding advertising and promotional program .

  The centralized system The decentralized system (including category management system) In-house agencies  .


work with production. involving marketing functions.. control activities. planning media schedules. recommending promotions program Coordinating creation of ads – with other depts.Advertising manager controls the entire promotion operations:  Planning & budgeting – developing plans for approval by management. sales promotion   . media. copy. art. with outside agencies for media buying services to place ads Monitoring and administering – organize ad dept. supervise.


develop IMC to differentiate the brand  Brands compete against each other within the company. Assign each product/brand to a brand manager responsible for total management of the brand – develop marketing program. identify target markets. not just against outside competitors Role of marketing services is to assist brand managers in planning and coordinating IMC  .


authority to override brand manager’s decisions. coordinates with agencies to obtain media discounts  . Category managers .additional layer of management above brand managers to coordinate efforts of all brand managers handling related group of products Advertising manager .

 Advertising agency set up. sales promo)  Outside agencies develop branding. in-store displays. owned. promotions (merchandising. image-oriented ads for specific TV & print matter (creative media services) . operated by the advertiser Given a separate identity and responsible for expenditure of advertising budget   Companies combine in-house efforts with outside agencies  Internal creative dept. handles design of weekly circulars. direct-mail pieces.

placement of communications message. Outside firm  Specializes in the creation. ad agency handling travelrelated account)    . writers. other services to facilitate marketing and promotions process Agency staff includes artists. production. media analysts. researchers with specific skills. knowledge and experience Large advertisers retain number of agencies for marketing number of products Vast experience (Ex.


subheads. graphic designer   Layouts – drawings that show what ad will look like (print ads) Storyboard – sequence of frames that depict the commercial in still form (TV ads) Production department – hire printers. typographers to complete finished product   . art director. engravers. photographers.Creative services – creation & execution of ads  Copywriter – individuals who conceive ideas for ads. write headlines. body copy Art department – how the ad looks.

Account services (liaison) – link between ad agency and client  Account executive – responsible for understanding advertiser’s promoting needs and interpreting them to agency personnel .

– develops contests. media specialists  Media dept. selects. POS materials  .)  Research dept. analyze information useful in developing ads for clients  Account planners – individuals who gather information about target audience that is relevant to client and work with account executives. contracts for space or time in the media that is used to deliver client’s advertising message. promotions.Marketing services (other ancillary depts. premiums. creative team members. develops media plan Sales promotion dept. – gather. – analyzes.

Management & finance  Performs basic operating and administrative functions – accounting. finance. HR   Ad agency must generate new business 64% of income goes to salary and benefits for employees .

no media.    Small ad agencies that provide only creative services Staff includes only writers and artists. research. other activities Company’s desire to maintain control of other functions internally Full-service agencies subcontract work to them when busy  .



readers or subscribers Provides environment for firm’s marketing communication message    Sells itself as a way for companies to reach their target markets with their messages effectively . Has program content that attracts consumers so that advertisers and agencies will want to buy time or space with them Provides entertainment or information to viewers.

 Companies that specialize in the buying of media. particularly radio and television time Clients and agencies develop their own media strategies and hire the buying service to execute them They receive large discounts and can save client/agent money on media purchases   .


sampling programs Interactive agencies – develop websites for the Internet. premium offers. text messages. banner ads.Provide services in their area of expertise:  Direct marketing agency – companies communicate with consumers through telemarketing. sweepstakes. direct mail. internet (database management) Sales promotion agencies – develops contests. CD-ROMs (digital media)    PR firms – generate publicity for a company & its products. focus on relationships & communications with relevant publics . search engine optimization.

video production houses. printers. consultants. package design firms. event marketing companies Provide wide range of support functions used by advertisers.  . MC specialist organizations – develop brochures. agencies. photographers. POP materials. etc. Include marketing research companies. media organizations.

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