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Workshop #1 Tina Gallucci & Leslie Sniegowski

Using Data: Creating a Cultural Shift

When I think about

data/graphs, I feel. because.

Predictable Phases of PLT Transition

Phase I: Confusion and overload Phase II: Feeling inadequate and distrustful Phase III: Challenging the test Phase IV: Examining the results objectively and looking for causes Phase V: Accepting data as information, seeking solutions, and modifying instruction

Do you think well ever get there?

What NOT to do


An example of an effective PLT

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Tinas starring role.Dont laugh please! =)

Building a Collaborative Culture

There are two crucial components that your group must willing to

accept before talking about student work. TRUST OPENNESS

Establishing Norms
What is important to them in a learning situation Looking at categories Time

What is our beginning and ending time? Will we start and end on time? How will we use our time How will we encourage everyones participation? Is it okay not to participate? How will we encourage listening? How do we encourage sharing of ideas? How do we support experimentation with new strategies? What should be the focus of the conversation? How might the group keep the conversation focused?



Strategies for Productive Meetings

Communication Skills have 2 main purposes:
To establish and maintain a safe and trusting

environment To encourage group members to reexamine, clarify, and transform thinking so that they can help students succeed.

Use protocols to structure conversations

Helps to remove conversations about data from the

personal to the professional (about the teaching and learning not me) Critical Friends Group (see handout)

Data Wise Improvement Process

Examine instruction Dig into student data Create data overview Build assessment literacy Organize for collaborative work Develop action plan Plan to assess progress

Act and assess

Establish Group Norms

#1 Norm = No blame #2 Norm = Keep an open-mind #3 Norm = Speak about the data and

information, not the person #4 Norm = Keep student learning and student interests as the top priority #5 Norm = Limit distractions and sidebars Any other regular PLT norms your group would like

What behaviors would interfere with productive discussions in the analysis of data?

Please bring an example of a common

assessment from your PLT Next meeting: Friday, August 19th