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• Job-Portal is a web based Application for Job seeker and recruiter. • Current version only include seeker and recruiter related activities. • Administrator, Mail-SMS service and other are its future enhancement.


3 .Objectives • The web application is aimed for less time consuming in search jobs for jobseekers and in post jobs for employers. • It provides better reliability and Security to the users for accessing application. • It is a comprehensive resource for finding a job online.

• 2/6/2013 GEC. Problem of less facilities in the portals for the users.Patan 4 .Statement of the Problem • Some portals are facing the problem of less accessing capability and more time consumption .

the user can enter the job type in which field he has 2/6/2013 GEC.Patan 5 interest. we have added a technology called ASP . It provides the facility for the engineering graduate students for their overall career development. • . in our portal.Solutions • Compared to other portals.NET .which improves the accessing capability and in turn reduces the time consumption. It also provides various facilities like .

• There are only some jobs posted for company’s interest.Current Scenario • Today almost all company has a website which has only some portion of career in it. • Employer and job seeker can not create his own account. 6 . • User has to analyze that job description and if one wants to post for that job than he/she has to send the mail to given particular email address.

Facilities • • • • • • • Home page Login Profile Apply/ Post Job Job Reply Change Password Logout • • • • • • Registration Forgot Password Edit Profile Applied/Posted Job Upload Resume Download Resume 7 .

• Web Page Designing tool: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 8 .NET • Web Server: IIS 6.0 • Database: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS EDITION.TOOLS USED • Technologies: Microsoft C#.NET using ASP.

MODULES USED This project contains the following main modules which gives all the information about project. • Jobseeker Module • Employer Module • Administrator Module .

Patan 10 .Continued… Employer UserId UserName Password UserType Administrator OrgId UserId OrgName OrgAddress JobSeeker JobseekerId UserId OrgPhoneNumber JobSeekerName Surname Address PhoneNumber ResumeText 2/6/2013 GEC.

ARCHITECTURE DIAGRAM Business objects UI (user interfac e) ASPX pages company Job seeker menu user Validation Rules Business validation bridge Data Access SQL Helper Database(SQL server) 11 .

Flow Chart start log in if member T secret information server F forget password register db user home page edit profile/ change password 2/6/2013 GEC.Patan logout end 12 .

Implementation About ASP .Netcode is not fully backward compatible with ASP GEC. a large set of new controls. XML-based components. ASP.Net provides increased performance by running compiled code. and better user authentication.Net has better language support.Patan 13 • • 2/6/2013 . ASP.NET • ASP .

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teaching jobs. 18 . so it can easy to use all the facilities. so that it can not be hacked by the hackers. • In this application we used stored procedure instead of simple select queries. government jobs and advance job.Features of Application • In login page. • Fast searching jobs depends upon the category software jobs. which will not pass username and password in URL so that anybody can not harm any user account. • This application graphically user friendly .

• We make our application. to use for internationally. we decide to add email services for all confirmation transaction between jobseeker and employer and admin. •Build a payment module for this system and better search technique for both of seeker and employer. Add some more features for job searching facility.Future Enhancements • For future enhancement. .

Conclusion • Online job portal System will revolutionized the recruitment process. It saves time of both job seeker and job provider. • Such sites also make it possible for recruiters and companies to post their staffing requirements and view profiles of interested candidates. 20 . • Such websites have facilities where prospective candidates can upload their CV’s and apply for jobs suited to them.

Thank you 21 .

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