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Organizational climate

Organizational climate Organizational climate is comprised of mixture of norms, values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence work motivation, commitment and ultimately, individual and work unit performance.

The culture decides the way employees interact at their

workplace. The culture of the workplace also goes a long way in promoting healthy competition at the workplace. The culture of an organization represents certain predefined policies which guide the employees and give them a sense of direction at the workplace. The work culture goes a long way in creating the brand image of the organization.

The organization culture brings all the employees

on a common platform. The work culture unites the employees who are otherwise from different back grounds The work culture promotes healthy relationship amongst the employees It is the culture of the organization which extracts the best out of each team member.

Simple random climate survey was carried on 75 Employees at all levels which represents 25% of NWB Manpower. Questionnaire is used as research instrument for primary data collection in this survey.

1) Sense of Ownership & Belongingness.

2) Organizational Culture.
3) Quality of Working Life. 4) Leadership.

5) Problem Solving & Decision making.

6) Conflict Management. 7) Communication. 8) Training


Always True 25% Mostly True 25% Somewhat True 25% Rarely True 10%

Not at all True 15%

Sense of ownership & Belongingness Organization Culture Quality of work life Leadership Problem solving & decision making Conflict Management Communication Training

22% 13% 18% 12% 13% 07% 11%

36% 34% 41% 29% 24% 31% 48%

26% 27% 25% 35% 37% 30% 24%

11% 12% 11% 16% 17% 19% 12%

5% 14% 5% 8% 09% 13% 5%


Our Strong Holds as per Survey

1. 84% of the Employee strength felt a strong sense of belongingness towards the organization. 2. 63% of the Employees opted that it is a value based organization.

3. 60% of the people feel that the organizational values, policies are shared throughout the organization.
4. 63% of the Employees feel that their job offers them enough challenges & opportunities to acquire new competencies. 5. 64% of the employees feel that the superiors are receptive to the suggestions of the subordinates. 6. 65% of the Employees opted that they have enough opportunity to take initiative & demonstrate leadership qualities. 7. 60% of the employees feel that the training imparted to them is based on training needs.

Expectations From Management.
01.There should be individual development plan for each employee. 02.Mass communication forum should be strengthened. 03.There should be adequate delegation of power. 04.There should be Succession Planning. 05. Job rotation should be practiced. 06. The appraisal system should be based on performance. 07. Contract management needs drastic improvement. 08. Communication should be made effective. 09. Late sitting should be discouraged.


Employee participation.
1. Employees must be encouraged to participate decisions making process. 2. Policy matters should be known to all. 3. GETs & DETs should be given more challenging assignments rather than doing day to day routine work.

Infrastructural Developments.
1. Canteen facility should be improved

2. Office house keeping should be improved.


Employee Expectation
1. Suggestions given Must be implemented.

2. The response time of the employees is very slow.

01.The should be goal oriented & should complete the job within given time frame.


Area of Improvement
01.Trainigs should be organized on code of Ethics & setting Standards of performance as 47% of the employees opted for it. 02.Delegation of authority should be practiced as 52% people feel they don't have the freedom to take work related decisions. 03. 50% of the employees feel the need of Creativity & Innovation in the ways of working. 04. Team work & healthy climate should be emphasized.

05. 77% of the Employees feel that the decisions should be taken on time.
06. 52% of the Employees feel that there are many conflicts in the Organization that affect the work. 07. 84% of the Employees feel that the conflicts should be discussed & resolved.

08. 53% of the Employees feel that people are more loyal to the Department objectives than organizational objective. 09. 64% of the Employees feel an inadequacy of communication between top management & Employees at all level. 10. 59% of the employees stated that they dont feel free to express their opinion 11. 62% of the Employees feel that the opinions expressed by them are not taken seriously.


Q1) Inadequacy of Communication down the Level.

HODs should strengthen the communication link down the level. Common platform like gate meeting should be used to pass on the information the corporate & Companys affairs. Level wise discussion form forum could be established & encouraged (like young managers discussion ,open session form, Technical forum) about

Periodical meetings should be conducted so as to share views & departmental concerns.

Q2. Delegation of Authority.

There should be a defined job responsibility with adequate delegation at each level. Decentralization of power at sectional levels.

Development of subordinates should be encouraged at each position.

Subordinates should be encouraged to take responsibility & accountability of their job


Q3. Prompt Decision making.
Prompt decision should be taken within target dates.

Periodical review of Implementation.

Departmental & individual performance should be rewarded.