Optimized Design Of UART IP Soft Core Based On DMA Mode

Under The Guidance of B.Kishore Kumar (Assistant professor)

Presented By K.Narendar M.Tech VLSISD 09671D5704

 Designing UART IP Soft-core with DMA.  Improving the system performance by reducing the elapsed time of CPU greatly in Data transmission process.

Need of DMA
• Present UART IP softcore based on Interrupt mode: attaining attention of CPU to get access to a resource. Polling mode: checking periodically until a prespecified event (read,wite) occurs.

Intellectual Property(IP) core
 A reusable unit of logic, cell or module that is the intellectual property of one party.  Many of the best known IP cores are soft core designs

Types of IP
• Soft cores: Hardware Description Language model of a design • Hard cores: physical layout information

Normal Design Vs Optimized Design
Normal design
• Start 1 • Data d0,d1,d2…..d7 8 • parity 1 • Stop 1 ------------11 -------------

Optimized design
• Start 1 • Data d0,d1,d2………d7 1 • Parity 1 • Stop 1 ----------------4 ----------------

Finite State Machine
 A set of states that follow a certain path, each
state has transitions to other states.
 Uses less logic , leading to the development of faster digital hardware systems.

Block Diagram

Transmitter State Machine

Transmitter State Machine

stop start



Receiver State Machine

Receiver State Machine

stop start



• Method of data transfer between regions in the memory space or between memory and peripherals without intervention by the cpu.

Parity_enable Parity_phase rxd read

Rx_error parity_error Data_out 01010101

Parity_enable Parity_phase txd 111 100 data

1 Tx_free





Uart_read Uart2dma_data


Uart_write 1 1 Dma2uart_data


Dma_done 1 Mem_rd rd wr addr data 01010101

Enable_dma start_dma Program_dma reg_data Reg_addr
Uart_txfree Mem2dma_data



Mem_wr 1 Mem_addr 00000000 00000000 Dma2mem_data

MEMORY Data_out


Transmitter Simulation Results

Receiver Simulation Results

DMA Simulation Results

DMA Simulation Results(contd..)

Top module simulation results

Top module simulation results(contd…)

Top module simulation results(contd…)

Top module simulation results(contd…)

Advantages & Applications
• CPU will be free from data transmission process and Less logic is used • GPRS,GPS and other communication devices

• IP Soft-core of UART is a better choice for faster communication device. • As the design uses less logic system performance will be improved greatly

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