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Kishor Khilari

Raptakos, Brett & Co.Ltd., was founded in India in 1930 by Mr.A.Raptakos and Mr.W.H.Brett. Over the past Eight decades, the company has shown consistent growth and acquired a well earned reputation for very ably serving the medical profession and patients alike with a portfolio of innovative products. Company's products have been developed through intensive in-house R & D efforts.

Research is focused primarily in the areas of nutr ition and dietetics, APIs, dosage forms analytical methods. successfully developing : unique drug delivery system called the Diffusion Rate Controlling Membrane Other pharmaceutical products : Vitamin & Mineral , Haematinics, Anti-asthmatics, Gastrointestinal, NSAIDs, Cardiovascular, Antidiabetics and Digestive enzymes. Product Range : Nutraceutical products ranging from specialised infant foods for low birth weight and lactose intolerance infants foods for growing children, diabetics, cardiac patients, pregnant and lactating women, and the old and critically ill.

The company has an extensive distribution network comprising 24 branches spread all over India. Fieldforce :Over 1000 Presence in international markets : Asia, Africa, South America and Europe through its offices in Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Middle East, South Africa and UK. For the benefit of the medical profession, : free of cost publication called the Quarterly Medical Review(QMR) containing articles of medical interest.


Over 1000 Medical Representatives service more than 215000 Doctors in India. The distribution System at Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd is well developed, with 23 branches that cover the length and breadth of India.The systems caters to 1800 Stockists and over 90 ,000 Pharmacies, which allows our products to be freely available across the country. The growth in the Indian sub-continent gave us the confidence to offer our products and services to a global audience. The Asian outreach began with Vietnam in 1990. This led to the growth of offices in U.K., South Africa, Kenya, and Philippines with products sold in Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and European countries. The wide acceptance of our products in developing countries encouraged us to foray towards western


The guiding vision envisaged in the year of inception has propelled Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd to innovate & excel in pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals.The vision has permeated from India to markets regulated and semi-regulated across the globe changing the life styles of millions


The strength of vision allowed Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd to think beyond today, towards the future. As a company sensitive to change we have identified dynamic conditions and adapted them with ease. Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd has seen consistent growth in the last seven decades. Today multilocation specialised manufacturing plants in Mumbai, Thane, Roha, and Chennai give us the cutting edge. The research capabilities and Technical expertise is aptly supported by world-class infrastructure. This has directly resulted in the development of new products and evolving novel drug delivey systems, which are widely accepted. An achievement by Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd that has made a difference in the world today is the unique DRCM technology.

GLOBAL REACH Progress in Technology has made the world smaller, but its application had made Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd. bigger, in its efforts to gain global reach. We are a trusted company in Asia, Africa, Europe, CIS and Latin America. Approval from world regulatory authorities for the multilocation manufacturing facilities are on the avail. With R & D to support, quality standards to deliver desired quality, products for speciality segments, state-ofart manufacturing facilities and decades of trust from the medical profession, Raptakos, Brett & Co., Ltd. is on its way to leave an impression true to its tradition and principles.