Annual floods have wreaked havoc in Bangladesh throughout history. Amongst the 12 countries list by World Bank as most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate extremes are: Bangladesh which is most susceptible to floods. and severe flooding occurring every four to five years. .HAUNTING FLOODS IN BANGLADESH  Bangladesh is well known as being the world’s most flood-prone country. with monsoon floods and cyclones being almost an annual event.

at least 7 mega floods have occurred. 2004 and 2007. . • A historical overview of floods since 1954 indicates that the frequency. 1988. probably due to climate change. • Major flooding recorded in recent years occurred in 1987. magnitude. affecting about 35-75% of the land area. and duration of floods have increased substantially.HISTORY OF THE FLOODS IN THE COUNTRY • During the last 50 years. and 1998.


• Thawing snow from the Himalayas in springtime further increases the flood risks as torrents of melt water enter the rivers at their source. • Bangladesh has a monsoon climate that brings torrential rain.CAUSES • It is a very low lying country. and the volume of the annual torrential downpours often exceed the river capacity.2 m above sea level. with 70% of its land area merely 1 . .


The Category 4 cyclone triggered a 15-foot (5-metre) high tidal surge that devastated three coastal towns and forced 3. trees and more than 2.000 schools damaged by the floods and storm.5 million people had their homes damaged or destroyed.2 million people to evacuate. Community infrastructure was destroyed with roads. • • .IMPACT OF THE FLOODS • • Killed more than 3500 people. It affected 8.9 million people and 1. Crops and food sources were also destroyed.

with shopping impossible in the main port. • Food supplies were severely affected as flooding destroyed the rice stocks with a total of 668. • Communications became difficult.529ha of crops being destroyed . as well as roads and railways having been swept away making the distribution of aid and the rescue operation very difficult.• The impact on the economy was signifcant with Bangadesh's export industries seeing a 20% decrease in production with over 400 clothing factories forced to close.

 CARE distributed relief to 100.000 families.  ECHO plans to allocate 2 million Euro for the flood response through its implementing partners in Bangladesh. Around 62 government medical teams and a 6 member army medical team are serving for the flood affected people as water-born diseases are spreading fast. Continuing dry/prepared food distribution with 10 million BDT and spent 7 million BDT on rescue operation. They are inviting proposals from the different partners (INGOS).000 families. They have specified the need for the proposals to be very specific in targeting to avoid duplication in work. By other agencies: ACTION AID distributed dry food to 6000 families in Jamalpur. Allocated for housing rehabilitation 22.  CONCERN UNIVERSAL gave relief to 11.000 families.000 families. Allocated rice 14200 MT rice and 28 millions BDT.5 millions BDT.     .  OXFAM planning to do food grain distribution for 40.515 shelters in different locations which are now home to approximately 0.EMERGENCY RESPONSE Government support: The government opened a total of 1.36 million people. Sirajganj and Faridpur districts and has further palns to reach 30.

lentils. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development distributed 58. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development. helped 285 families (about 1. • In August and September 2007. . water and sanitation support to the distressed population. • From November 2007 to February 2008.RELIEF AND RECONSTRUCTION • National and international NGOs. medical.000 persons).200 pounds of food in packages containing rice.800 persons) severely affected by these floods to rebuild their lives. through the local partner Assistance for Humanitarian Development (AHD). through our local partner Islamic Aid Bangladesh. and salt to 3. including BRAC and the International Federation of Red Cross.000 displaced families (about 15. geared up relief activities in the flood-hit districts by providing food. potatoes.

EMERGENCY FOOD AID PROJECT DETAILS Name of District Sirajgonj Jamalpur Gaibandha Name of Sub-District/Town Shahjadpur Dewangonj Fulsori Number of Beneficiary Families 500 500 500 Sherpur Chandpur Tangail Sherpur Sader Hymechar Tangail Sader 500 500 500 .

REHABILITATION Building Tin-shed Houses for worstly affected people of the area .




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