Agenda          Electrical overview Generating system Main Switchgear Switchgear protection Earthing Lighting Protection Hazardous Areas SIL Introduction as applied to MCC system qualification (SQ) Introduction to of some validation phrases that will used during the course:SQ-System Qualification PQ-Process Qualification TQ-Technical Qualification IQ-Installation Qualification CCQ-Computer Code Qualification .

50 Hz.  The electricity supply is nominal 400V/230V a.  Comprehensive grounding and lightning protection systems are specified to provide a high degree of security to the facilities. motor control centres and distribution boards.  Electricity distribution is specified to be by armoured cables to metalclad switchgear.Electrical System Overview 1  The electricity supply at Jabung Gas Compressor Station is provided by on-site generating plant.. 3 phase and neutral. .c.

3   Each generating set is specified to be connected to a separate section of the Main Switchboard bus bars. connected by bus. The main incoming circuit breakers and the bus tie circuit breakers are all specified as withdrawable units. are connected to the other three bus bar sections.tie circuit breakers. However. Other loads. there is no concept of emergency or standby loads. mainly to the gas compressors. Because the DE is specified with the same rating as the GE’s. The fourth section is provided for connection of a future generating set and future gas compressors.Main Switchboard  The Main Switchboard is specified as metal-clad and fully fault rated for the maximum system short circuit level. all the station auxiliary support loads are specified to be connected to the bus bar section supplied by the DE. The Main Switchboard bus bars are specified to be divided into four sections.    .

Main Switchgear supporting Services .

Main Switchgear Distribution .

In the unlikely event that the second GE should then fail. 2     . two of which are driven by gas engines (GE) and one is diesel engine (DE) driven. each set is specified with a resistive load bank. In order to ensure stable operation of the engines. Each load bank is specified to be connected to each generator upstream of the Main Switchboard so that it may also be used to test load a generator after maintenance before re-connection to the Main Switchboard.Generating System  There are three generating sets. This will ensure that if one engine fails. Should the load on a set fall below that required for stable operation of the engine. the load bank will switch-in automatically in stages of required values of resistance to provide loading. it is specified that in normal operation the two GE generators will run. the other set will continue to run and give uninterrupted supply. All the generating sets have the same rating and can run in parallel if required. the DE set can run and is specified to supply all the Station loads. Although one GE is specified to support all the Station loads.

Distribution from Combined Diesel and Gas Generators .

heaters. oil pumps. 4 . etc. coolers and igniters.  The actual loads will depend upon the installed compressor.Compressor Auxiliary Switchboards  Each gas compressor is specified to be provided with an Auxiliaries Switchboard to control the various drives and loads of a compressor such as the starter motor.  The switchboards are specified to the same construction standards as the Main Switchboard. and will differ from one manufacturer to another.

Compressor Services Switchboard  A Services Switchboard is specified for each compressor cab for lighting. 5 .  The switchboards are specified to the same construction standards as the Main Switchboard. ventilation and small power receptacles.

UPS is specified with two dual redundant rectifiers. All batteries are specified as valve regulated. unit and a 230V a. lead acid (vrla). with virtually maintenance free operation. The automatic by-pass is in synchronism with the UPS and the maintenance by-pass is manually operated.c. communication and alarm systems. In the event of loss of electricity supply. These have a long design operating life.c UPS. unit are specified for the instrumentation. The 24V d.c. 6    The 230V a. typically 10 years. control. each capable of 100% duty.UPS Units  A 24V d. the UPS batteries are specified to maintain 100% output for a period of 8 hours (battery autonomy). is specified with an automatic by-pass and a maintenance bypass.c.  .

c.Switchgear Trip Supply Unit  If the electricity supply is lost to a section of the Main Switchboard. a d. Trip Supply Unit is specified to ensure operation of the various circuit breaker tripping relays.  The unit is specified to the same standards and construction as the 24V d.c. UPS. 7 .

Earthing schematic LV Generator R Y B N E Conductive parts as defined in IEE 16th Edition Clause 542-0109 Main Earth Bus Bar Independent Earth Electrode PES Earth Terminal on incoming supply .

it is important that the electrical grounding does not impose an unnecessary current drain on the CP system. All items of electrical equipment are specified to be connected to the electrical grounding system by dedicated ground conductors. the design specifies that all grounding electrodes are stainless steel. all buried grounding conductors are insulated and all grounding rods must be at least 5m. The design also specifies that in addition to the electrical grounding. from a buried pipe. 8   . so that only one generator can be grounded at any time to prevent circulating currents between the generators when they are operating. Ground fault current is not high enough to require the provision resistance grounding. all non-electrical metallic items of plant shall be connected (bonded) to the grounding system.Grounding System    Each generator neutral point is specified as solidly grounded. This is to achieve operator safety by ensuring these can never be a difference of electrical potential between electrical and non-electrical metalwork. Isolators are specified for the generator grounding circuits. In addition. As the station is specified to have an impressed current cathodic protection (CP) system for all the underground piping. grounding will be provided by the cable armouring so that two grounding connections will be provided to each item of electrical plant as a matter of good practice. Accordingly.

down conductors and grounding rods. requiring the use of roof grids (collectors) for buildings and structures. in accordance with code recommendations. The lightning protection and electrical grounding systems are specified to be connected together.Lightning Protection  The lightning protection system is specified to be in accordance with international design codes. All specified lightning protection materials and design considerations are specified to be the same as for the electrical grounding system. Down conductors are specified with disconnecting links to allow measurement of ground rod resistance. 9    .

10 .Lighting  Indoor lighting is specified to be by fluorescent luminaires. so that luminaires can be maintained at ground level.  Lighting columns more than 3m. high are specified to be the hinged type.  Outdoor lighting is specified to be by high pressure sodium SON floodlights.

IP Code Part 15. in that order of preference. the required hazardous area enclosure for electrical equipment is specified as EEx’e’. For Zone 2 areas. as far as is possible.Hazardous Areas    The governing code for the hazardous area assessment is specified as the Institute of Petroleum. sources such as process equipment vents and breathers and will be limited in extent. the required hazardous area enclosure for electrical equipment is specified as EEx’e’ and EEx’d’. Note: Electrical equipment shall not be installed in a Zone 0 hazardous area. Area Classification for Petroleum Installations. typically. EEx’N’ and EEx’d’ in that order of preference. Temperature Class T2 or better. All electrical equipment is specified Apparatus Group IIA. the process gas is specified as Fluid Category G (i). 11     . For Zone 1 areas. These will be. It is anticipated that Hazardous Areas Zone 0 and Zone 1 Classification will be occur in localised areas. However. For the purpose of the hazardous area classification. it is specified that the Contractor shall. locate all electrical equipment outside of any hazardous area.

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13 .

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