An overview of one of the world’s most trusted professions.
Joey Mattingly PharmD/MBA Candidate 2009 University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

• Brief History of Pharmacy • Today’s Pharmacist
– Career Opportunities – The Expanding Role

• Becoming a Pharmacist • Pharmacy School • Helpful Tips
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Brief History of Pharmacy
• Originally, pharmacists were trained by apprenticeship. • Pharmacists were considered more as retail clerks than health professionals.

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Progression of Pharmacy Degrees
• • • • 1900s - Apprenticeship 1950s - 4 year BS degree 1960s - 5 year BS degree 1970s - 2-year Post-BS Doctor of Pharmacy degree • 2000 - 6 year Doctor of Pharmacy degree

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


• Advances in healthcare has created a demand for a medication therapy expert. • The role of the pharmacist is changing from a product centered role to a patient centered role. • “Drugs do not have doses, patients have doses”

Evolution of Pharmacist’s Role

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Quick Quiz
• What is the most expensive medication on the market today?

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Career Opportunities for Pharmacists

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Community Pharmacist •Most common position

•Independently owned vs. Corporate chain

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Health Systems Pharmacist vs. Clinical Pharmacist •Staff pharmacist

•Most clinical pharmacists work in institutional settings advising on medication therapies and working one-on-one with patients and other health professionals

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Consultant Pharmacist •Medicare requires that all
nursing home residents have their charts reviewed monthly by a pharmacist •Consulting pharmacists monitor patient therapies and make recommendations

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


•Develops new drugs and dosage forms or conducts and manages clinical trials •Positions for pharmacists throughout the company •Sales/Marketing •Regulatory Affairs •Drug Information •Drug Discovery and Development

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Nuclear Pharmacist
•Work in specialized pharmacies, hospitals, or in imaging centers

•Nuclear pharmacists prepare radiopharmaceuticals for use in diagnostic testing and therapeutics
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Veterinary Pharmacist
•Compounds unique strengths and dosage forms for animal patients who include household pets and wild animals

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Drug Information Specialist

•Provides in-depth information about medications and evaluates the drug literature

Compounding Pharmacist

•Prepares medications not commercially available or that need to be delivered in different forms or Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA 14

Other Pharmacy Practice Areas
• • • • • • Academia Hospice Military Nutrition Poison Control Public Health

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Job Outlook
• UK graduates have multiple job offers • Shortage has created higher salaries • Opportunities exist in a variety of areas in every state • Majority of jobs are in community and institutional settings
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Is pharmacy the right profession for you?

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


• Shadow and/or interview pharmacy professionals in different settings • Seek out opportunities for internships, volunteer work, or employment in a pharmacy or health care setting • Find out as much as you can about pharmacy, the role of the pharmacist, & trends for the future
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Career Preparation & Exploration

Pharmacy School
UK’s New College of Pharmacy Building on South Limestone Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA


Getting in Pharmacy School

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Pre-Pharmacy Required Courses
English Animal Biology & lab Microbiology & lab Calculus (College Algebra/Elementary Calculus) Statistics General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Anatomy / Physiology Physics Microeconomics Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Electives Candidate


After Admission…
• 3 years of coursework
– physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, physical assessment, compounding, pharmacokinetics, therapeutics

• Pharmacy Practice Experience
– Built throughout curriculum – Majority of practice experience in the final year – Community Pharmacy, Community Hospital, Ambulatory, Medicine, Specialty Population Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA 22

• Residency

Additional Training Opportunities for Pharmacists

• One year of pharmacy practice • Additional year of specialty training

• Fellowship • Dual degree programs • Board certification
Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Dual Degree Programs
• • • • • PharmD/MPA PharmD/MBA PharmD/MPH PharmD/MS Economics PharmD/PhD

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Board Certification
– Pharmacotherapy – Nuclear Pharmacy – Nutrition Support Pharmacy – Oncology Pharmacy – Psychiatric Pharmacy

Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


Application Process
• Dual process:
1) apply through national, online, centralized service: PharmCAS, 2) Send supplemental application directly to University of Kentucky. Check web site for current information.

• Rolling Admissions: apply early! • PCAT: No limit on number of times you can take the test (will only look at scores from the previous 5 years) • Pre-pharmacy requirements must be completed by the end of the spring semester in the year of desired enrollment • Complete the following courses by the end of the Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA fall semester in which Candidateare applying: Organic 26 you

Helpful Tips
• Remember the numbers

• Any experience can be beneficial
– Not a requirement, but a good idea – Knowing more about the profession may help prepare you for the interview

• Utilize your most valuable resource
– Current student pharmacists and practitioners

• Keep your options open
Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


For More Information
• University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy • American Pharmacists Association • Visit the UK College of Pharmacy
– Check for open house dates – Schedule an appointment with an advisor
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UK College of Pharmacy Contact
Vicki Henderson Recruiting and Pre-Pharmacy Advising 859-323-2755 Email:
725 Rose Street Lexington, KY 40536-0082

My Contact Information: Joey Mattingly Email:


Joey Mattingly, PharmD/MBA Candidate


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