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The Role of Mass Media in Society


Objectives of the Report

The different types of media and its usage by people. The media choice varied by activity. The positive and negative affect of mass media on society. The responsibility of media played to the society. The role of the media to the development of our society. The acceptance & popularity of which media is more in society.

Mass Media
Mass Media is those means of communication that reach and influence large numbers of people, especially newspapers, popular magazines, radio, and television.

Types of mass-media
# Television # Radio

# Internet
# Newspaper etc.

Role of Mass Media

Government and Mass Media Political

Mass Media in a free enterprise society Mass media, mass culture and elite

Positive sides of mass media

Media technology makes the reduces the distance between human beings Media technologies allows us as to take part virtually in occasions and activities in other parts of the world It allows us to learn more easily and faster by using the internet.

Men can use the media to create and invite the people concerned with certain world issues like AIDS, drug abuse, mass killing, totalitarian government, etc. Media can help to create a positive and educated opinion. Media can be used to fight for freedom, truth and justice.

Media can help us to relax by listening music, dance, etc.

Negative sides of mass media

Media could create new cultures which change the old and original ones from the community. This could be both good and bad

Media is business. In order to exist media providers must make a profit

Media can create the wrong perception of prosperity

Media can create stereotypes of beauty and style which is then imitated by citizens, like fashion and hairstyles, for instance. Media can create a sensation of sex, violence, and horror which may be popular with the audience. Sex addiction and violence has a close relationship to TV shows, movies and videos or chatting via internet or HP

The different types of media and its usage by people

Television Internet Radio Newspaper

No. of Persons
9 8 1 2

45% 40% 5% 10%


The media choice varied by activity

No. of Persons & Percentage
Activity Watching TV Reading Newspaper Listening radio to More than 1hour Less than 1hour 15 12 5 13 75% 60% 25% 65% 3 5 11 2 15% 25% 55% 10% 2 3 4 5 1 hour 10% 15% 20% 25%

Surfing Internet

The positive and negative effect of mass media on society


No. of Persons 12




How can media developed of our society

Role Update news Entertainment Sponsor No comments No. of Persons 8 5 2 5 Percentage 40% 25% 10% 25%


# This survey was conducted to examine role of mass media in Bangladesh. It compares the role of the new media and the traditional media for different activities and for obtaining information about sensitive issues.

# radio is converging with the Internet and online broadcasting is becoming popular

The Television is now becoming a one-stop information hub. As a result, the Television was preferred to other traditional media for information driven activities. Social service organizations should make good use of the Internet to communicate positive and healthy messages to young persons websites of social service organizations targeting young people should be more interactive and encourage two-way communication

Results indicate that the Television has emerged to become the most important media among young people in Bangladesh. Over 20 percent of respondents did not spend any time on radio. Over 43 percent of respondents spent less then 30 minutes a day listening to radio

Limitations of the Study

Sufficient data are not available,

Most of data about them are founded in Bengali. To translate these terms into English is very difficult,
No prior experience in this field. Difficulty in people selection in collecting data. Most of the person does not want to provide information. Most of the person does not give answer of open ended question.

Finally, This study presents the current state of peoples media use and provides a baseline against measurement of changes in the future. The current study found that the media plays a prominent role among people in Bangladesh.

Be stay in a moderate place, Be honest, truthful and trustful while provide information, Media should avoid in using politically, Television should not telecast those kind of program which create conflict with our culture,

Newspaper should publish about social problems and its potential solutions, Internet should provide accurate data according to the necessity, Radio stations should work for our own culture and mother tongue and Overall media should work for the development of the society as a whole the country etc.