Correlation of HSUPA/EUL Admission Control to HSUPA/EUL CSSR Degradation

• The aim of this document is intended to outline the HSUPA Accessibilities performances (EUL CSSR) that have been degraded regardless the external activities affected


EUL CSSR’s Performances overview of RNRST01, RNRST02 and RNSNK01 for the past 2 months: 1. RAB Establishment rejection show correlations to the EUL accessibilities for all sampled RNCs 2. Through the charts above, the worst performances come from RNSNK01 where the RAB Establishment rejection’s rates show the highest for almost the entire period of monitoring above 3. In contrast to RNSNK01, the RNRST01 shows better performances than RNSNK01 and the rate of RAB EST rejection also low

Parameter Settings
The rejection of RAB Establishment comes from the Admission Control indicated from pmNoOfNonHoReqDeniedEul counts Having quick check, the following parameter of eulServingCellUsersAdm has been set lower than the actual This parameter should be following maxNumEulUser and EUL Users’ license accordingly (licenseCapacityEulUsers)

Parameter Settings
• The composition of parameter’ values: 8, 10, 16, 24 and 32 • Should the parameter’s values reduction is meant for pmNoAllowedEul’s improvement, then the previously agreed settings must be confirmed to implement at first • If the optimized settings have been introduced but the pmNoAllowedEul to remain high, a solution of disabling the Eul channel should be taken

Example: U08-JMU0095
• The following shows the example of JMU0095 for all cells with the settings of the parameters are 10 for all

GPEH Analysis
• The cells of JMU0095 to show relatively low EUL Served User Peak percentage during the recording of 15.00 – 18.00

• The percentage of EUL served User Peak for the entire cells in RNSNK01 is as per attached & is subject to EUL User License upgrade soon:

• EUL CSSR has been observed and degraded for months • Further analysis through statistics and GPEH indicate that the degradation has been attributable to the Rejection of RAB Establishment by Admission Control • Among several admission control of EUL component, a relevant parameter of eulServingCellUsersAdm have been variously set to not following the common settings • Common settings: licenseCapacityEulUsers = maxNumEulUser (rbslocalcell) = eulServingCellUsersAdm (utrancell) • Proposal: revert the parameter to follow the above common settings accordingly

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