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Group amount will be in informed to us 3 Cashless facility Sum insured on floater basis Available 4 By default it is floater 10-Feb-13 © 2012 Systems Plus Proprietary and Confidential .General advantage Sr. only on request NASSCOM Insurance Employee pays for Spouse and Children Family Members 2 Amount of Premium/ Sum Insured No age band. A person who has completed 45 yr and 1 day will fall under age band of 36-45 Available (but card has not been given to employees so we cannot avail this facility) Not by default. No 1 Topic Current Insurance Available. Differential sum to be paid by the employee Complicated due to age band for eg. premium to be paid depending on insured amount.

Polycystic ovarian diseases 2 yrs: Surgery of hernia/hydrocele. non infective arthritis. hypertension.Ailments details Sr. Sinusitis and related disorders.000 10-Feb-13 . There will be no waiting periods Covered Covered from day 1 for 50k 10% on parent claims to be paid by employee Covered upto 80 yrs NASSCOM Insurance Waiting period to cover Not covered for first 4 yrs ailments Day care procedures Maternity Co-pay Parents age limit Not covered NA NA Covered upto 60 yrs. hysterectomy for menorrhagia or fibromyoma or myom ectomy or prolapse of utreus. above 60 yrs medical check up is compulsory 1 yr: ENT disorders and surgeries. Piles. surgery of benign prostatic hypertrophy. congenital internal diseases 4 yrs: joint replacement and age related osteoarthritis and osteoporosis © 2012 Systems Plus Proprietary and Confidential 7 Restriction for certain ailments Limits on procedures per life per year will be as follows o Cataract : INR 20. Surgery of gallbladder and bile duct excludig malignancy.000 o Hysterectomy : INR 45. surgery for prolapsed inter vertebral disk and varicose veins and varicose uicers. diabetes. gout and rheumatism.000 per eye o Hernia : INR 40.25.000 o Coronary angiogram: INR 18. calculus diseases. cataract. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Topic Pre-existing ailments Current Insurance Not covered Covered All coverd from day 1.000 o Joint replacement : INR 1. undescendent testes.000 per joint o TURP for BPH : INR 42. surgery of genito urinary system excluding malignancy. Fissure/Fistula in anus. Pilonidal sinus.

(includes Mediclaim & Personal Accident Policy) © 2012 Systems Plus Proprietary and Confidential 5 We have a group amount 10-Feb-13 . through Systems Plus representative For Rs 1 Lakh insurance we pay premium of Rs 1650/. No 1 Topic Corporate Buffer can be availed by the company Cover for retired employees Current Insurance NASSCOM Insurance Available.Corporate advantage Sr. For a total sum insured ranging between 3 CR to 5 CR the buffer is INR 5 Lakhs This will be an option which an organization will exercise for all their retiring employees For the premium paid by the employee the company shall be provided with a list of payments received from employees and the company can add the relevant premium amount in the Form 16 Online payment by employee for family members NA 2 NA 3 Benefit towards Form 16 Employees have to provide the receipts of insurance paid towards family members 4 Payment by employees for add on’s Systems Plus payment Cheque to be issued by employee for family members.

QUESTIONS 10-Feb-13 © 2012 Systems Plus Proprietary and Confidential -6- .

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