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Syed Azharul Haque

Lecturer, BIFT

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Md. Hasan Mahmud
Id: 072-114-0-35 Md. Saiful Islam Id: 072-093-0-35 Md Hasan Al Rashid Id: 072-091-0-35 Md. Asif Ahmed Id: 072-122-0-35 Md. Kamrul Hoque Id: 072-125-0-35

Date: 23-07-09

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Different Types of Sewing Machine

Lock stitch machine

The lockstitch uses two threads, an upper and a lower. The upper thread runs from a spool kept on a spindle on top of or next to the machine, through a tension mechanism , a take-up arm , and finally through the hole in the needle.

The lower thread is wound onto a bobbin, which is inserted into a case in the lower section of the machine. To make one stitch, the machine lowers the threaded needle through the cloth into the bobbin area, where a hook catches the upper thread at the point just after it goes through the needle. The hook mechanism carries the upper thread entirely around the bobbin case, so that it has made one wrap of the bobbin thread. Then the take-up arm pulls the excess upper thread ( from the bobbin area ) back to the top forming the lockstitch ideally in the center of the thickness of the material The tension mechanism prevents the thread from being pulled from the spool side, the needle is pulled out of the cloth, and the feed dogs pull the cloth back one stitch length, the cycle is repeated as the machine turns mechanically

Lockstitch is so named because the two threads, upper and lower, "lock" together in the hole in the fabric which they pass through. The term "single needle stitching", often found on dress shirt labels, refers to lockstitch.

Use of Lock stitch machine: Neck join purpose (T-shirt ), Top stitch, etc.

Overlock Sewing Machine

Stitch Formation:-Overlock Stitch Type:-Industrial Sewing machine


Its applicable to the OVEREDGING operation over THIN,MODERATE & THICK fabrics. Due to its automatic lubricating system or device the machine operates perfectly and smoothly ,at low sewing fension and perfect stable stitches ,even at high speed seaming. It can be 4/5 thread but it is a high speedy overlock sewing machine.


4/3 Threads for seams and overcast Decorative stitching abilities Adjustable stitch width and length Disengageable knife cutter New Style Serger Weighs 17 pounds Made In China


Flat Lock Machine

Flatlock Sewing Machine - High speed

The Revo Machine - (Model DR-5) is used for T-shirts stitching, hosiery, under-garments, knits stitching - side, front hemming & elastic attaching. It is available in 3 threads, 4 threads & 5 Threads models. Bobbinless stitching system for high production. Easily interchangeable into 2, 3, 4 & 5 Thread model. Hemming, Side Folders & Front folders can be attached. Distance between Needles can be adjusted by changing parts.Also available in 6 Threads, 4 needles - 2 loopers model, Parallel Flatlock. Low Cost machine & interchangeable parts.

Operates flatlock sewing machine equipped with cutting attachment to join parts of knitwear with flat, nonraveling seams. Places garment part around arm of machine with fabric edges together and operates machine to seam parts and cut excess fabric from seam. Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQIPMENT in any industry.

1300 stitches per minute 3/4 thread adaptability: Three-thread rolled hem Flatlock/ladder Blind hem Rolled hem Auto-threading looper lever Adjustable stitch width (3.0 - 7.0 mm) Adjustable stitch length (1.0 - 4.0 mm) Knife width adjustment Color-coded threading Easy tension adjustment Complete accessory kit

Technical Specifications
Technical Specification Max. Speed Seam Distance between needles Stitches per inch 3300 stitches per minute Double chain, parallel double chain, flatlock, 3,4 & 5 Threads, Parallel Flatlock & 6 threads. 6 mm & 7/32 Inch1

8 to 12 (adjustable)
6 mm Max. 1. DV x 1 # 9 upto 21./ 2. DV x 43 # 9 upto 21 400 W, 1425 R.p.m. motor

Material Thickness
Needle Size Power Required

Button Attatchment machine