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The Rule of Cronos

Chapter 2


Motif: younger generation replaces older generations Rhea (mother goddess) and Cronos have 6 kids Cronos more intelligent than Uranus

Hid kids within his body

Motif: One who eats a god becomes divine

Great honor for an enemy to be eaten by his foe

With his famous sickle, he harvested the grains of time

Cronos eventually becomes Father Time.

King Cronos

When Cronos took control of the universe, he freed his brothers and sisters from Tartarus He became king He imprisoned the Cyclopes and hundred handed giants again Gaea (prophesy) tells Cronos he will be overthrown by his son

Cronos Gets Married

Cronos marries his sister Rhea 1st child- Hestia As soon as he held her, he swallowed her whole More kids- Demeter, Hera and Hades He swallowed them

Rhea Gets Smart

Next kid: Poseidon Rhea hides him in a flock of sheep, and tells Cronos she had a horse. Cronos swallowed the horse. Poseidon grows up on the Island of Rhodes

A Mothers Worry

finds out she is pregnant with her 6th child Goes to Gaea for advice Gaea tells her the prophesy Rhea hides Zeus on the island of Crete

Zeus on Crete

Nymphs fed him Goat (Amaltheia) gave him milk, nectar and ambrosia Cradle hung in tree so Cronos couldnt find Cretan kids (Curetes) guarded by marching around tree Bang spears on shields to hide crying

Rhea in the Palace

Gave Cronos a stone wrapped in cloth He swallowed it Cronos was paranoid and worried Rhea had tricked him He searched, but couldnt find

Zeus Grows Up

Gaea and Rhea tell Zeus the prophesy Zeus goes to Metis (daughter of Oceanus and Tethys)- wisest of mortals Metis tricked Cronos into drinking a drink with drugs = stomach pain = vomits out kids 1 by 1 Zeus, Poseidon join other gods They ask Cronos to relinquish power He refuses

Compare/Contrast: Cronos and Uranus


Chart Is the son better than the father?

War Between the Titans and the Gods

Chapter 3


become anthropomorphic

Having human qualities


was first immortal to have other gods help him Matriarchal society = strongest deity is female

The Titan War

10 years Even match b/t gods and Titans Gaea wanted Cyclopes and 100 handed giants to have freedom too Gaea asks Zeus to free them (they will help)

Help from uncles

Zeus asks the uncles to help Hundred Handed Giants throw rocks at the Titans Titans shake the earth

Titans overwhelmed and retreat to Tartarus.

Zeus = mad Goes to the top of Mt. Olympus Throws thunderbolts

Gods chain them there


Taratrus becomes inescapable prison

Zeus has 100 handed giants guard them

Poseidon = bronze gates and wall Were glad to do it

Special punishment for Atlas (Cronos ally)

Hold up the sky

Marble Notebook Questions


3. 4.

Why is Zeus able to conquer Cronos? Why cant Cronos, who is powerful and immortal, avoid his fate? What qualities does Cronos have that keep him in power? What qualities does Rhea possess?