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Different Aspects of Colitis

As Shown in
Barium Studies

S. Rad
With Selected Cases From His Own Teaching Files

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences


1 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Single and double contrast barium
studies are efficiently used to delineate
luminal or mucosal changes that are
essential to diagnose in inflammatory
.)bowel diseases )IBD
The purpose of showing following
examples is to emphasis on the
radiological findings for each of the
.more common insults

2 .S. R Feb 16, 2009


Circular collar-button ulcers are usually found in preliminary

3 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
Wide spread tiny ulcerations are sometimes confused with feces
.inside colon

4 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Lack of colon haustrations favors discrimination of colitis from
5 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
Proctitis is
usually the
precursor of

6 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Descending colon thanks to its muscular tonus best
.shows lack of haustrations and swelling of mucosa
7 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Undermining of the
ulcers produces
some kind of
tracking between

8 .S. R Feb 16, 2009



Surrounding ulcers around normal parcels of mucosa creates


9 .S. R Feb 16, 2009


.To see the pseudo-polyps air and barium covering is necessary

10 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
.Double contrast better delineates superficial ulcerations
11 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
Toxic mega-colon

Active phase

narrowing in
chronic phase

.Different episodes of IBD may be seen in one film

12 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Cobble-stoning is the
familiar aspect of IBD
seen here in
.descending colon

13 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Negative aspect is much
more suitable to show cobble-
stoning and undermining

14 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

.Involvement of the left colon is much more common in IBD

15 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Pan-colitis may involve whole
length of the colon and is
prone to malignant
.degeneration .S. R Feb 16, 2009
.Right colon is the last part to be involved in IBD

17 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

The same
patient to
show the
of the ileo-
cecal valve
for later
extension of
18 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
.Fairly normal pattern in the right colon

19 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

.Rigidity of the colon in long segment is named lead-pipe sign
20 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
.Segmental narrowing creates lead-pipe appearance

21 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Lead-pipe sign in the transverse and descending colon

22 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Fibrotic narrowing

Lead-pipe sign with fibrotic narrowing

23 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Extension of the inflammatory process to terminal ileum is
.called back-wash ileitis
24 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
Chronic ulcerativecolitis with back-wash ileitis
.showing dilatation of the terminal ileum
25 .S. R Feb 16, 2009
Although inflammatory bowel diseases are
easily diagnosed and differentiated from
neoplasm but apart from some
characteristic signs, recognition of the
inflammation types is not so easy because
.of overlapping of the similar patterns

26 .S. R Feb 16, 2009

Thanks for your attention

27 .S. R Feb 16, 2009