Basic Understanding Of Employment Act 1955 & Industrial Relation Act 1967

Employment Act 1955

Designed & Facilitated by: Cheri Kok Rev: 00 (February 2009) For: Supervisory Development Program

Purpose This comprehensive program is designed to guide the participants in the basic understanding of Malaysian Employment Act 1955 & Industrial Relation Act 1967. 2 .

3. the participants will be able to:1.Explain the definition of Employer and Employee 2.Main Objectives  After attending this training. 3 .Explain the “Misconduct” as per included in the EA.Handling of disciplinary issue.

5. Formation Of Contract Of Service Misconduct Discipline Contract being broken 4 . Introduction To The Act Interpretation / Definition a) Employer b) Employee 3.Workshop Content 1. 6. 2. 4.

Methodology What will we do Lecture Case Study Workshop Group Discussion Structure Exercise 5 .

All phone in silent mode. Give everyone a change to speak. 6 . Get permission before leaving the room.Ground Rules        Respect others. Observe time limits. Everyone participates. Give positive feedback or feedback for improvement.

The scope of Employment Act Employment Act 1955 .Topic 1 Introduction To The Act 1.

 This Act shall apply to West Malaysia only.The Scope Of Employment Act This Act may be cited as the Employment Act 1955.  8 .

the law governing the relationship between an employee and an employer begins.What Is Employment Law ?  Employment Law is the law which regulates the operation of the labour market in general and the employment relationship between employers and employees in particular. maternity rights. When an offer for employment is made by an employer to an employee.   The obligations and rights of an employment contract are covered by the Employment law. suspension from work. 9 . layoff and wages. – Examples include hiring process.

The Definition Of “Employer" 10 .

00 per month.00 and – (b) Any employee employed in manual work including artisan. supervisors or overseers of manual workers. apprentice. transport operator. persons employed on vessels and even domestic servants are classified as employees even if their wages is more than RM1500.The Definition Of “Employees"  The following types of employees are included: – (a) Any employee as long as his month wages is less than RM1500. 11 .

A Contract Of Service  An agreement whereby one person agrees to employ another as an employee and the other agrees to serve his/her employer as an employee.  The employer would need to contribute EPF and comply with relevant statutory benefits such as annual leave. sick leave and et cetera for its employees engaged under a contract of service. 12 .

such as a self-employed person or vendor engaged for a fee to carry out an assignment or a project for the company.  There is no employer-employee relationship  Employee is not covered by the Employment Act. 13 .A Contract For Service  An agreement whereby a person is engaged as an independent contractor.

The Industrial Act 1967 Employment Act 1955 .

The Industrial Relations Act 1967 15 .R system operates within the legal framework of 2 principal legislations namely: 1.The System of Industrial Relations – A Malaysian Perspective  The I. The Trade Unions Act 1959 2.

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