Awareness on Drawing Control

Barzan Onshore Project

Presented By: Karthikeyan, QA Engineer

Follow the escape route and report to the muster point. 2.SAFETY MOMENTS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY 1. Please do not panic and run. Follow instruction of fire warden. 3. Await for the all clear signal before returning to the building BARZAN SOC : EMERGENCY NUMBER RLIC : MUSTER POINT : 4433-8400 4474 8888 BD-40. 4. BC-41 .

or suitably mark to identify them. Control distribution of drawings when ever a revision is issue. Rework /rectification will have huge negative impact on cost and schedule. Two key controls are required to avoid this situation. Drawings are dynamic documents which will be revised when ever a need for design changes arise before or during construction. . When superseded drawing is used the design change will not be taken care of which will lead to wrong construction. 1. 2.What is Drawing control. Retrieval and elimination of previous revision drawing.

4.ISO 9001: 2008 Requirement 4. . (d) : Controls are needed to ensure relevant version of applicable documents are available at point of use.23.23. (g) : Controls are needed to prevent unintended use of obsolete documents and to apply suitable identification to them if they are retained for any purpose.

V-3100-001-0-231-01. who shall up-date it showing their distribution requirements and return signed DDM to DCG for inputting on DDM.2: It is the responsibility of each addressee in DDM to ensure distribution of documents/drawings within own area/section. . Document and Data Control Requirement Clause 5. Up-dating DDM showing their distribution requirements Clause 6.3: The Department Managers are responsible for: Review of Document Register and advice DCG if any data is incorrect.QMP.2: DCG shall distribute DDM to all Department Managers. Clause 6.

Clause 6. Document and Data Control Requirement Clause 6.QMP. Only IFC (issued for construction) drawings shall be issued.3: Working copies of documents are issued to project staff on controlled distribution by DCG. Clause 6.3: All requests for additional copies of controlled distribution documents must be made in writing to DCG (Attachment 2-Distribution Request Sheet). . they must be isolated and clearly marked as obsolete documents. In case previous revisions are required for reference purpose.3: Upon receipt of controlled copies of documents the recipient will: Destroy previous revision.V-3100-001-0-231-01. Requests should be limited to exceptional circumstances.

3. . New revision drawing will be uploaded in VBC. 4. 5. It will be registered in master drawing list. 2.Controls for Distribution Whenever DCG receives new revision drawing 1. Specific code numbered drawings will be distributed with a return transmittal to respective addressee in DDM. Original drawing will be stamped as “ SITE MASTER ” in red and will be filed in safe custody. 6. Copies of drawings as required by DDM will be printed and stamped as “ CONTROLLED COPY” in red (primary) and green(secondary). Controlled drawings will bear the code number allotted to individuals in DDM.

VBC should be used for information and to identify current working copy to designated personnel. Primary copy will be filed in master drawing file in site office and secondary copy will be distributed . it should be stamped as “SUPERSEDED” and filed separately. 2. 6.Controls to ensure relevant version is available at point of use Whenever site personnel receives new revision drawing 1. Photo copies of controlled drawing shall not be used for construction purpose. 5. The drawing file should have an index showing drawing number and revision status. A register shall be maintain to issue and receive controlled drawings to site construction personnel. Replace new revision drawing with old revision. In case the old revision drawings are required for information. . 3. Old revision drawing will be retrieved and destroyed. Drawings should be filed neatly in sequence. 4. 8. 7.

4. 100% assurance for non availability of superseded drawing is not possible. Total number of copies of drawing available on site can not be identified. 2. . Whenever new revision is received. 5.Use of Photo copy drawing for construction 1. retrieval and elimination of all copies of superseded drawing will not possible. 3. It is wrongly understood that photo copy of controlled drawing is legal. Use of photo copy drawing will disturb the drawing control system.

5. 1. file and preserve master copy of drawing. 6. Highly responsible to distribute drawings as soon as possible to avoid wrong construction with superseded drawings. Upload and update latest revision drawing immediately upon receiving new revision. 2.RESPONSIBILITY OF DCG IN DRAWING CONTROL. . Responsible to distribute requested number of copies to each requester in DDM. Responsible to file and maintain superseded master drawings. Responsible to distribute updated drawing list with revision status periodically. 7. 4. 3. Responsible to register. Distribute DDM to managers for review and update periodically.

RESPONSIBILITY OF CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER IN DRAWING CONTROL. 4. is available in non-conformant drawing )to completely verify and ensure all drawings under his responsible are controlled and latest one to close the observation. Ensure latest revision drawing attached to RFI. When any observation is raised regarding drawing control it is responsible for respective const. If old revision are retained for any purpose identify suitably. 6. 1. Highly responsible to ensure latest revision of drawings used for construction. Highly responsible to ensure previous revision are retrieved and destroyed. Ensure his subordinates are aware of document control. engineer (whose code no. . 3. 5. Highly responsible to ensure photo copies of drawing are not available for use. 2.

QCI to verify revision status of drawing during inspection. 4. 2. . QAE to create awareness to project personnel regarding drawing control. 5. QCI to raise observation if superseded revision is used on site. 7. QCI to randomly verify revision status of drawing during daily surveillance inspection.RESPONSIBILITY OF QUALITY DEPARTMENT IN DRAWING CONTROL. QAE to audit drawing control system periodically to identify and plug the gaps. 1. 3. QCE to perform periodic assessment for drawing control. QCE to create awareness during tool box talk. 6.

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