Role of Technology on BPR

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allowing generalists to perform specialist tasks Telecommunication networks. Competition 2/12/2013 3 . allowing things to tell where they are. allowing decision-making to be a part of everybody's job Wireless data communication and portable computers.Market High performance computing. making information available at many places Change .BPR – IT Relationship Shared databases. allowing organizations to be centralized and decentralized at the same time Decision-support tools. allowing field personnel to work office independent Interactive videodisk. to get in immediate contact with potential buyers Automatic identification and tracking. allowing on-the-fly planning and envisioning.BPR Expert systems. instead of requiring to be found Company Affected IT as an Enabler by .

for BPR. it is required that the functionalities of these IT systems are modified 2/12/2013 4 . more and more organizations are using IT tools in their mainstream processes Hence.BPR calls for a radical redesign and systematic overhauling of strategic systems and processes in an organization In the technologycentric business environment of today.

information technology makes BPR possible and worthwhile 2/12/2013 5 .IT is more than a collection of tools It can for automating or fundamentally mechanizing reshape the way processes business is done and enable the process design In leading edge practices.

Before the process is designed IT Roles While the process design After the design is is underway 2/12/2013 complete 6 .

Before the process is designed IT provides newer and IT helps you track information and better technology to develop a strategic vision break down and to help improve geographic and the it business process before organizational is designed barriers was to eliminate • Wal-Mart vision • At General to providee-mail and cost and Electric value to systems are used to speed customers. • analysis and design sharing IT enabled Wal-Mart to implement this strategy. warehouses. and major supplies 2/12/2013 7 unnecessary distribution steps . virtual and to hold frequent An enterprise-wide information meetings between group system was developed that from different regions and directly connected all retail overseasdistribution locations.

the reengineering efforts achieved a 75% reduction in the workforce Telecommunication technologies such as LANs. • At Texas Instruments. have improved collaboration among personnel of different functional units in their efforts to accomplish a common business process. used databases in its accounts payable process to cut down many intermediate steps and to overhaul a sequential flow of paper documents among involved functions.Gathering and analyzing information about the performance and structure of a process is an important step in identifying and selecting process for redesign • Union Carbide’s plant in Taft. the process for new product development was dramatically improved when a design team in different countries used global network to work on design directly without sequential flow of documents 2/12/2013 While the process design is underway 8 . As the project progressed. The results were a saving of more than US$ 20 million Computing technologies have facilitated a process.oriented approach to system development where a database is shared in different functional units participating in the same business process • Ford Motor Corporation. groupware. etc. Louisiana used flow-charting to redraw their old process and create new ones.

Evaluating the potential investments and returns of the reengineering efforts is absolutely essential 2/12/2013 9 . After the design is complete Electronic communications enable ongoing and real time communication of the process between users and facilitators IT helps to overcome geographic barriers.Implementation of the new process through the use of project management and process analysis tools.

The key to the effective use of IT lies not in moving the information faster but in doing right things with it 2/12/2013 10 .Disruptive power IT has the power to break the rules and make people think inductively and give the company a competitive advantage in doing so has completely changed the book store business and broke all the rules. through Internet broke the existing rules and sold books without a physical presence for its customers.

•Integrated enterprise models •Analysis (problem-solving capability) •Visualization and Communication •Software functionality •Intended Users These properties address two major themes: What tasks do the tools perform? What support do the tools require? At the End 2/12/2013 11 .

IT to Participate as a member of the reengineering team. but not take control of the project Define technology solutions to enable new business processes and take time to educate operational managers about new technology Implement technology needed to support the new business processes 2/12/2013 12 .

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