A Seminar on

“Mechanical Seal”
By Mr.Kusekar S.K. Under The guidance of Dr.Pawar M.S.(Principal)

Introduction 2. 7. Material used for Mechanical Seal 6. Design Component 5. Conclusion 9.Contents 1. Mechanical Seal Application 8. Mechanical Seal Design with superior Thermal Char. Mechanical Seal Failure modes and cause Events 4. References . Types of Mechanical Seal 3.

Introduction .

Mechanical Shaft Seal .

.Types of Mechanical Seal • Seal Head Type DMR Type A TypeB TypeC TypeD JOHN CRANE Type6 Type6A Type21 SEALOL TypeA TypeB Type43 PAC-SEAL Type 16 Type68 Type2 - TypeE Type 1 Type 43 Type51 • Seal Seat Type The best way to identify the seal seat type is by visually matching the sample to drawing or pictures.

• A cause event that singly or in combination with other cause events leads to various failure modes or a general failure mode. • Some of these cause events will directly influence the failure mode of a mechanical seal.Mechanical Seal Failure Modes and Cause Events • A mechanical seal may fail during its service by wear. the others will be influenced by a stage relation . and operationand maintenance-related cause events. • In a plant. fracture. design-related. leakage from a machine or machine components is reported as a failure mode or symptom. process-related. and so on. includes. whereas. • The list of cause events is prepared after consultation with design and practicing engineers. corrosion.

4. 5. 7. 3. These cause events are called direct cause . which leads to seal failure.Problem of maintaining pressure velocity coefficient (PV value). Failure of secondary seal. Similarly insufficient seal lubrication leads to seal failure because inadequate lubrication causes high heat generation in the seal. A problem of abrasive contaminants.Cause Event 1.Insufficient seal lubrication. 2.lead to seal failure directly. 6. Direct Cause Event 1. excessive seal face temperature leads to high heat generation causing seal failure. Improper seal design. Improper seal material. excessive seal face temperature. Excessive fluid pressure. For example.

problem of misalignment. which further causes seal failure. For example.improper seal assembly. poor maintenance practices are called indirect cause events. . 2. poor maintenance practices such as inadequate cooling lead to an increase in the seal face temperature. installation and 4. 3. Indirect Cause Event 1..2.

.Design Component By way of example. Stationary component. Spring. Gland plate. 5. Rotating component sealing member. 6. 7. 4. 3. 2. Rotating component. a simple mechanical seal design has 7 components 1. Stationary component sealing member. Clamp ring. commonly referred to as the seat .

Design Component .

Resin impregnated carbon 3.Reaction bonded silicon carbides 9.Antimony impregnated carbon 4.Self sintered silicon carbide 8.Acid grades 6.Silicon carbides 7.Material used for Mechanical Seal 1.Ceramic materials .Dry running carbons 5.Carbon 2.


Surface Treatments and Coatings .Thermal Effects on Seal Performance and Behavior • Thermally Induced Radial Taper • Thermally Induced Waviness • Heat Checking and Hot Spotting • Blistering of Carbon # Effects on Process Fluid Heat Exchangers.

. • Any failure of mechanical seal hazardus to the system.Mechanical Seal Application • Mechanical seals are used to prevent leakages in pump • Compressor • Mechanical shaft seal.

Improving upon the thermal characteristics of a mating ring in a mechanical seal would enhance its performance.petrochemical and process industry. wear and its thermal characteristics.The factors that affect the performance of a mechanical seal to leak are friction.Conclusion • A mechanical face seal is an important component of variety of pumps used in chemical. . Implanting a heat exchanger in the mating ring hold great promise for improving the performance of mechanical seals from the viewpoint of reducing heat at the interface and hence enhance the performance of the mechanical seal. The primary function of a mechanical seal is to prevent leakage of the process fluid from the pump housing and shaft to the environment.

mechanical shaft seal.Mechanical seals are used to prevent leakages in pump.Any failureofmechanical seal hazardous to the system .compressor.

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