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About Bonton cables

Bonton cables has a world class manufacturing

facility in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It has Indias first fully RoHS compliant cables manufacturing facility. Most modern wire extruders, high speed sensor controlled bouncers, auto coiling machines and laser controlled precession machinery ensure that the product are manufacturing with strict quality control standards and are comparable with best worldwide.

Bonton cables are pioneers in bringing Eco-

friendly cables to India. The company has been engaged in manufacturing specialized cables with features like weather, gas, oil and water resistance, distortion free signaling Special bending radius And cables that perform at temperatures ranging from -50C to + 950C.

Bonton cables has been awarded IS 14001 & OHSAS 18000. It has also been awarded ISO/TS 16949 by UL

which is the highest quality assurance certification. Bonton cables offers CE marking which certifies safety of its use. Bonton cables is committed to environment, health & safety.

Bonton cables manufacture

HRFR, HRFRLS & HFLS Cables Telephone Cables

Fire Survival Cables

Battery Cables


Co-Axial Cables

Silicon Cables

Elastomeric Cables

Automobile Cables

Instrumentation Cables

Mains cords

105C HRFR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant)

With an increase in the number

of electrical & electronic equipments being used today, more instruments get plugged into a system overloading leads to reduction of cable life and ultimately short circuit. Normal PVC cables are suitable for maximum operate continuously up to 105C enhancing the life of an electrical system and giving you protection against short circuit.

105C HRFRLS (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant Low Smoke)

Areas with high human density call for higher safety

measures. Fire fighting bodies worldwide have researched that maximum casualities in a fire are caused by chocking and stampedes due to black fumes. Bonton 105C HRFRLS cables overcome this as they are low on Halogen content which ensure better visibility and non toxic air in case of an eventuality. These cables are highly recommended for places like shopping malls, Large offices, cinema halls and tunnels.

105C HRFR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant)

An efficient for industrial

electrical systems designers, Bonton flexible cables use the best E.C Grade copper procured from primary copper manufactures to ensure low Conductor resistance.

addition 105C HRFR insulation providers increased current carrying capacity and thus cost effectiveness.



cables used for indoor telephones, telephone exchange s, satellite telecommunication systems, industrial plant communication systems and closed circuit security systems. In these hard grade PVC insulation is used for long life and stable properties of cables. Twisted pairs are used to ensure minimum cross talk.