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JUNE 13, 2013

The Rise of Coworking Office Spaces

by Anne Kreamer | 12:00 PM September 19, 2012

What makes these coworking spaces so attractive? (And what, in turn, can more traditional offices learn from them?) 1. They offer collaborative networks, built-in resources, and a dynamic ecosystem

2. They foster innovation.

3. They make starting a business simpler.

2011Global Survey

2% are more motivated 91% now have better interactions with others 50% report higher incomes 60% are more relaxed at home since coworking 92% are highly satisfied or satisfied with their coworking space 78% of coworkers are under 40

40% are web developers/designers, 13% PR consultants, 43% a mix of others 18% entrepreneurs with employees, 35% are company employees working remote, 8% are employers of companies with 100 + employees 75% have at least a 4-year degree 30% walk or bike to coworking $192 is the average cost of a flexible desk

2012 Global Survey

Average Price in US - $250 Theres even one in Wasilla, Alaska

(unknown if you can see Russia from there)

810 670


And now even their own trade show

Segment 1 Jason Saltzman Founder of Alley NYC

Live from io/LA in Hollywood

Segment 2

Justin Massion- Founder of Jam Studios