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Steroids In Sports The Century of Cheating..


in sports have been a constant problem in the past decades, but that problem has erupted in todays society and looks to continue in the future if the leagues and government do not work together in order to get in the way of this issue.


are a variety of steroids in the world, but the most commonly related to sports would be anabolic steroids. steroids are steroids that promote tissue growth by creating protein in an attempt to enhance muscle growth.


They increase the muscle gain that results from strenuous exercise and maximize the impact of a high protein diet. They also reduce the soreness that normally results from strenuous exercise This allows an athlete using steroids to lift more weight, with less recovery time in between.

Barry Bonds first used steroids to return quicker from his injuries; thus caused his elbow injury because they had made his arm muscles so large that the elbow tendon could not support them mood swings, fatigue, restlessness, loss of appetite, insomnia, and the desire to take more steroids the average adult male creates 35 to 50 milligrams of testosterone in his testes each week. Athletes who use anabolic steroids may inject 300 to 1,000


is a very serious side effect of steroids.


withdrawal Unbalanced testosterone levels are said to cause the depression.


thoughts are not uncommon.


is hard to tell what percent of suicides are linked to steroids because most users dont


a scientist named Lavoslav Ruziicka synthesized a purified form of material from bull testicles, and created testosterone noted use by Americans was in the 1954 World Weightlifting Champions in Austria.


Steroids do not only harm your health but your image. Barry Bonds Not remembered for home run record but for steroid abuse.

Public image is effected. No longer a role model Looked as a fake and not a great.

Abusing at a young age can ruin a life if caught. Can lose scholarships. End a sports career. Not looked as talent anymore but just another athlete

Death from steroids is real Pro wrestler Chris Benoit was said to be using steroids for some time. On June 26,2007 Chris snapped and killed his 7 year old son 43 year old wife and then taking his own life. It is said that Chris had been suffering from


of the few wrongdoers caught/suspected of using steroids between 1990-2008

*Mitchell Report*

Barry Bonds* Marion Jones Jose Canseco Mark McGuire Rafael Palmeiro Roger Clemmons*

After constant criticism during a series of congressional hearings on steroids in sports, Major League Baseball owners recently voted unanimously to approve the toughened steroids policy agreed to with the players association The House of Representatives could vote on a steroid bill as early as this year. One such bill, the clean sports act, calls for athletes to undergo random drug testing at least three times during the season and twice during the off season. Players who test positive would be banned from their sport for two years

Government and leagues take action Great decrease in the number of

steroid users A new type of drug will be found that gets by the drug tests

cycle will only end when there is a test created that catches any and every drug out there