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Pink Shelly Scarf

A long soft scarf that’s airy and yet warm
Materials used:
Aluminum size K hook (US)
WW yarn (approximately 5-7 oz)
Mariface Scissors
Original Pattern (c) please 1
respect rights reserved
Pink Shelly Scarf pg2

• Chain 51

• Dc in 6th ch from hook. Make 4 more dc in same st. skip 2 chains, dc in next. *skip 2 chains, 5dc in next. Skip 2 chains,
dc in next*. Repeat from * to * across, ending with last dc in last chain.

• Chain 3, turn. Make 2 dc’s in same stitch (which is the last dc of previous Row). Dc in center of next 5 dc group, skip 2
dc’s. *5dc in next dc, dc in center of next 5 dc group, skip 2 dc’s*. Repeat from * to * across, until you come to the last
5 dc group. Make dc in center of last 5 dc group, skip 2 dc’s. Make 3 dc’s in next st (which is the chain stitch that
counts as top of 1st dc of previous Row)

• Chain 3, turn. Leave those last 3 dc’s of previous Row unworked. Make 5 dc’s in the next dc after them. *DC in center
of next 5 dc group, skip 2 dc’s, 5 dc’s in next dc*. Repeat from * to * across, until you get to the last 3 stitches. (that
ch3 @ beginning of previous Row counts as a dc.) Skip 2 of those last 3 stitches and make a dc in the top of the last

• Repeat Row 2.

• Repeat Row 3.

• Repeat Rows 2 and 3 alternately to desired length, ending with Row 2.

• To make fringes : Cut (78) six inch strands and group them into threes. Fold the three strands together in half evenly,
and put your hook first through the end of your scarf where you would like the fringe. Then put the hook into the fold
you just made with the strands. Pull up a loop but don’t pull anything through all the way. Then grab the 6 strands
with your hook and pull those through the loop. Repeat process along both ends of your scarf.

Mariface Original Pattern (c) please 2
respect rights reserved